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Dec 18, 2006 07:56 PM

Where can I get Chopped Liver in Detroit?

I'm looking for chopped liver. can't find any. Prefer full-flavored.

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  1. try R. Hirt Jr in eastern market, i know that they have good liverwurst at least

    1. Zingermans has chopped liver which they put on some of their sandwiches (Who's Greenberg Anyway). Good flavor, with bits of chopped onion inside (you decide if that part is to your liking).

      1. tex888, is Zingerman's in Detroit or Ann Arbor? (What is the reference to Greenberg?)

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          One of their sandwiches is called "Who's Greenberg Anyway?" Good food, but a little cutesy. I agree that they have good chopped liver, but I can't remember whether it's sold separately (many of their sandwich fixings are). Zingerman's is in Ann Arbor, on Detroit St. between Fifth Ave. and Division St. (which are parallel--only in Ann Arbor!). Number: (734) 663-DELI.

        2. Zingermans is in Ann Arbor. Great place, if a little expensive, but they have the best quality ingredients anywhere. If you are anywhere near there, just go and order anything. It'll be great.
          For Detroit, the best deli is Star Deli on 12 mile and Northwestern (if they're still around, I've been in Ny for a few years). Just carry-out, but great quality corned beef, pastrami, liver, etc.
          If you wanted to sit down, Stage Deli on Orchard lake is really good, and their chopped liver is excellent. Very old-school jewish upscale atmosphere too.

          1. The Star Deli is at 24555 W 12 Mile Rd in Southfield (248) 352-7377 at the SW corner of 12-Mile and Telegraph next to Starbuck's. Definitely the best Jewish deli I've been to (including Zingerman's). Never tried the chopped liver though.