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Dec 18, 2006 07:46 PM

How to Avoid Disapointment in Dim Sum...

Yesterday we went to a Dim Sum Palace and had a GREAT Cart Dim Sum experience. You can read about it on the L.A. Board:

However, walking out, SO felt rather dispointed because as we left we saw a bunch of items we didn't get to try because the Kitchen was just brining them out...

I tried to explain to him that is just the nature of Dim Sum... there is a WILD variety (Especially at the place we went to), there will always be something you don't get a chance to try... you should instead focus on your favorites...

He theorized that perhaps if we had gotten there LATER (and waited in a LONG line! :P) we would have had a better chance at trying more things...

So with all the combined Dim Sum experience on CH, what is your solution to avoiding Dim Sum dispointment? Going later? Asking for favorite items? Going to smaller places with less variety?


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  1. I share his sentiments. I always leave a little heartbroken over the things I didn't get to try and wishing I had the appetite of a linebacker.

    It doesn't matter if you get there early or late, there are still too many things to try! I guess the only solution is to go more often and have different stuff each time. I am currently trying out this approach but since I have so many favorites it is taking much longer than I would like!

    1. We normally ask for specific items if we don't see them Normally they are delivered within minutes, hot and ready to eat. I think your explination is correct, new things see to come out all the time. We've tried going early and late, both work but you still won't get everything. BTW, Yank Sing here in SF normally serves around 86 different items so it's doubtful you would see them all let alone be able to try all of them.

      1. thats why you keep going back to your favorite dim sum place until you have tried out all the tasty offerings.

        1. You should go right when the restaurant opens. The people pushing the carts will swarm to your table and you get the freshest stuff. After a while, you see the same things over and over and the new stuff often goes by you first. You should just up front ask them if there's anything else and what they think is good.

          One place in NY that was known to be rather expensive for dim sum recently started to have a dim sum early bird special during the week where small, medium and large plates were all $1.50.

          1. I go to the places that you order off the menu. I have no patience to try to eat and look out futilely for my favorite items at the same time. Ever since I found the order off the menu places, I found dim sum to be more of a relaxing experience rather than battle for <insert your favorite item>.

            Honestly I've seen people get off their tables and personally hunt down the food from the cart ladies.