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Take Out/Delivery (Not Pizza/Sandwiches/Chinese) in Minneapolis

My husband and I love good food, but due to our schedules have a hard time getting to restaurants. We do love take out and delivery, but we are quite bored with the same old, same old.

What we are looking for is great delivery or takeout in the Uptown/Midtown area. We have our pizza place (Dulono's), our Sandwich place (Milio's) and Chinese/Asian places taken care of (Seafood Palace and Peninsula.) What we want is something new. Something tasty. Something fast.

Suggestions, especially on the delivery side?

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  1. I think Rotisseria might delvier around the neighborhood. Best roast chicken in the area, IMO, done in the Peruvian style. Get the dinner special with a whole chicken and double-order of roast potatoes, and maybe a side salad for around $20. Use the leftovers for sandwiches the next day.

    Another great takeout option is Lucia's cafe, but they don't deliver.

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      Holy Land also has fantastic roast chickens ready for take out. I often swing by MGM on the way home and get a whole chicken, salad, rice, hummos and pita for less than $10! I think Midtown Global Market has a delivery service but I'm not sure how wide their delivery area is.

      I would love to know of more places that deliver. I was shocked when I moved here and figured out how limited the options were.

    2. Ted Cook's 19th Hole BBQ is very good and I have heard that the Colossal Cafe has take-out that is quite good (haven't tried it). Both are in South Minneapolis in Nokomis.

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        Ted Cook's is excellent! It is probably a good thing that I don't live close by there otherwise I would probably be ordering from there nearly every night. Stick with the pork ribs, as the beef ones aren't nearly as meaty. And the Jo Jo potatoes... yum!
        Located on 38th, about a block and a half west of Hiawatha.

      2. Doesn't Burrito Loco have an Uptown location? They deliver.


        I order delivery all the time from their Dinkytown location. Delivery takes about 30-40 minutes to Augsburg.

        1. In the pizza-but-also-something-else category:

          Davanni's delivers, and they have a decent lasagna that you can get by the slice or half slice.

          Pizza Luce also delivers (salads and pasta as well as pizza). But I'll bet you already know that.

          And there used to be a multi-restaurant delivery service in town. I forget the name - something like Gourmet To Go or Waiters' Express. I used to see their brochures at the larger and more americanized restaurants I frequent. Never used 'em, though. Does anyone know if it's still around and what it's called?


          1. you can get great take out from various places on Nicollet St(Jasmine Deli, Qang, Christo's, etc), plus most Indian restaurants - just a pity that you'll have to go away from Uptown to get great Indian food.

            1. Forgive my continuing ignorance of the exact geography of Minneapolis neighborhoods...but, Midtown Global Market apparently has a delivery service from "all" of their restaurants--might you be in their delivery radius? (I think it's 5 miles)? I haven't tried the delivery service, but I'd be curious to see how it works. Lots of great choices at Midtown Global Market...The delivery website itself seems quite out of date, so, you might consult the "regular" website for Midtown Global Market to see a more complete list of your options.




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                From what I can tell, it only delivers to the tenants in the building and the area business. Otherwise I would never leave my house.

                Has anyone had anything delivered from the MGM?

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                  Why don't you call and see if they will deliver to you?

                  It says in the "MGM delivers" marketing materials that they have available at Midtown Global Market that they deliver to both businesses and residences outside of the building itself. (For some reason, I recall the materials saying "within a 5 mile radius," though that's just from memory.)

                  Just in case those materials were out of date, I just now picked up the phone and called the number (listed on the webpage I linked to above) and asked the man who answered if they deliver to residences aside from those who are tenants in the building. He said, "Yes, we deliver to both businesses and residences outside the building, including to downtown." (I didn't ask about Uptown or Midtown, sorry.)

                  I tried to get him to state a delivery territory, but he hedged on that, wanting to know where I was. I told him it was just a general question and said, "Would you say you deliver within a 5 mile radius" and he said,"Yes, that would be about right, depending on the time of day."

                  It wouldn't hurt to call if you're curious.


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                    Sweet. I know what I'm having for dinner tonight. Thanks so much.

                    Nummy Manny's Tortas here I come.

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                      Please let us know how it works out!