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Dec 18, 2006 07:24 PM

boneless chicken feet

Used to pick them up at Big Land Farm Leslie and Finch.
They are gone and the new people don't carry them
T&T which carries almost everything does not carry boneless or cleaned chicken feet other than spiced and seasoned.
Would settle for cleaned ready to use.
Can't remember where I bought my last batch for the freezer.
The addition of chicken feet to my Chicken Soup gives it more body.
Any help downtown, or Scarborough would be appreciated

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  1. You can generally get chicken feet with the bones at a kosher butcher. Toronto Kosher, Bathurst between Lawrence and Wilson on the east side, has frozen chicken feet. You could probably put in an order for fresh chicken feet.

    Perl's Kosher Meat, Bathurst, just south of Lawrence on the east side, carried them on Thursdays and Fridays. Perl's is closed due to a fire but will re-open in the spring. Just note that these butchers are closed on Saturday and close early on Fridays in the winter- say by 2:30.

    Chicken feet are a wonderful addition to chicken soup. I stock up on them (no pun intended) and freeze them and then have them ready-hand. I would definitely clean them, though.

    1. Have you tried Reesor's at the Thornhill Farmer's Market on Yonge Street?

      1. I've never heard of "boneless" chicken feet; I can't even imagine anyone boning a chicken foot. Besides, I believe it's the bones that provide most of the flavour and gelatin when using chicken feet to make chicken soup.

        Perl's Kosher Meat was my source, as well.

        1. St Andrew poulty in Kensington market sells them with bone and nails. I just chop the nails off and they are clean and ready to go in the pot.

          T&T sells cooked non-spiced mostly-boneless feet that are very good.

          1. Just in case anyone else wants the boneless cleaned chicken feet for stock or other purposes (spottlessly clean and ready for use) I found them in the smaller supermarket at Market Square, and Goldfield the larger market in Market square is ordering a large batch, (cheaper) which I will freeze
            Thanks all for the suggestions, but as you see I am taking the easy way.
            No cleaning feet or chopping off nails