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Dec 18, 2006 07:20 PM

Brown sugar

Any tips on how to store brown sugar so it doesn't turn hard as a brick?

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  1. take it out of the box and store it with a piece of bread in a ziploc or tupperware airtight container. the bread keeps it from hardening. don't ask me how.

    1. I've read that you can add a slice of apple to the bag to add moisture - haven't tried it though.

        1. re: emilief

          i tried this once before and the sugar was hard as a rock. i thought maybe the moisture in the sugar froze.

        2. my mother bought me this little disk made out of clay that you soak in cold water and then insert in the sealed container of brown sugar (the brown sugar is covering the little disk). Keep it at room temperature this way. It really works. You can buy these things at any good kitchen store.

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          1. re: pescatarian

            I have one of the clay disks also and it does really work!

          2. I have one of those discs and have not used it. I use one of those acrylic cannisters that you cn get a BB&B or TJ Maxx that has a clamp lock on the lid and the lid has a gasket. It is air tight and keeps it fresh.