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Dec 18, 2006 07:19 PM

Returning to NY from England

Having been starved of good food here in jolly old England (alas, I'm not in London), I'm longing to taste some great american staples: burgers, pizza, veal parm, etc.

I'm looking for a casual red sauce place. I'll be on the UWS, but taking the subway isn't a problem. What I really want is terrific Veal Parm. I know it's cliched and banal, but when you haven't had decent Italian in years, you crave it.

Never much craved burgers until I realized the beef here sucks. Each time I read this site I see a new burger place has opened recently. I'm lost in this sea of newness. I've been to Corner Bistro, but aside from this lone visit haven't really sought out a great burger.

Finally, I'm looking for a great lunch place (anywhere in the city). I'll be catching a flight back to England in the evening, so it can be a heavy lunch; in fact, it should be. I'll be coming off a Le Bernardin dinner, so perhaps something other than french? I was thinking Blaue Gans. Hated Wallse, but may have been an off night. I figured I'd give Mr. Gutenbrunner another shot, but willing to consider anything.

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  1. i was thinking about your big lunch request. BG is not really very heavy food believe it or not. i would suggest a good old american steakhouse instead, esp as you say the beef sucks. i'd go to KEENS or the backup could be OLD HOMESTEAD.

    i know what you mean about the burger explosion lately, i havent been to them all or anything but you might like THE BURGER JOINT sort of hidden in the parker meridean hotel. heres a link:

    1. Steak isn't a bad idea. Indeed, it's a very good suggestion. I'll have to ask my ex-pat companion.

      Many thanks

      1. Campanile, on 29th St., b/t Madison & Park Av. S., is a neighborhood "hidden gem" that serves traditional ("old-fashioned") Italian food. Veal Parm is on the menu and, though I haven't had it, the so-called "banal" dishes we have had, like eggplant parm and lasagna, were perfectly prepared and delicious. Friendly, efficient service and very pleasant, comfortable atmospherics.

        For a formidable burger, I highly recommend Molly's, a convivial pub, on 3rd Av., b/t 22nd & 23rd Sts. Pass on the fries and get the onion rings.

        At Cafe Sabarsky, in the Neue Galerie (corner 5th Av. & 86th St.), you can sample Guttenbrunner's cuisine in a dining space that is quite beautiful. The hearty beef goulash is delicious (served with first-rate bread), and you can finish the meal with one of his luscious pastries.

        If you do decide to go to a steakhouse, I second the Keens rec. In addition to the excellent food, there is the incomparable old NY ambiance.

        Finally, how about lunch at Katz's? If you're looking for heavy, one of their gargantuan pastrami sandwiches, along with some sides and a Dr. Brown's, should about do it.

        Enjoy your visit back to NYC and Bon Appetit!

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          For red sauce italian head to John's of 12th Street/2nd ave. Definitley order garlic bread by the bucket too...good stuff.

        2. For burgers: try J.G. Melon.