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Dec 18, 2006 07:06 PM


A friend of mine is raving about this place at Yonge/Gould. Apparently portion sizes are generous, and everything is homemade. (BTW, it's Mexican...)
Anyone been? I haven't, but plan to pay a visit this week.

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  1. There is an earlier post about this place. I have been there twice and it was quite good - reminds me of the tacquerias in Boston. 3 steak tacos with guac and chips for under $8. The shrimp ceviche honestly looks kinda scary, but I haven't tried it so cannot give an opinion.

    1. I wouldn't /rave/, but it's good, worth a visit. There is an earlier thread, as mramage points out.

      1. Picked up lunch for 8 from there today. Reviews were good. Everything was very fresh and portions were insanely generous. The guys who run the place are very eager and friendly - they comped us an order of chips, guac and salsa and an order of chips and ceviche because we ordered so much. I agree the ceviche looks a bit scary when you're ordering, but it's actually quite nice. Tart with a good hint of heat.

        The only criticism I have is with their organization, but I expect that'll improve as they work the kinks out of a new place. They were pretty overwhelmed by an order for 8 and had trouble keeping the different types of burrito separated. I wound up, unfortunately, with a chicken burrito marked "steak." They also didn't have very large bags, so we had to wrestle a whole bunch of small ones.

        Overall, though, I recommend it. It's great not to have to venture all the way down to Burrito Boyz any more.

        1. Ate there about a week ago. Grabbed a menu to post for you guys.

          I had the 3-taco combo; got one each of shrimp, chicken and steak. Chicken was kinda bland; shrimp was good; steak was the best. Plan to try their veggie ones next.

          For the price, it's a great downtown lunch deal. Three tacos + chips and I was so full I couldn't eat more than a bite of the chicken taco. The guys who run it seemed really nice - they gave me a sample of their guac, which was fresh and tasty - they like to stress how everything is freshly made.

          Like tbone pointed out, there's a serious lack of organization right now. The guy on the cash was constantly reminding the guys putting together my order what to do - "She gets chips.. no, she wanted one steak, one chicken, one shrimp.. hey, she didn't order guac.." I imagine that'll get sorted out soon.

          I would go back, but I saw yet another 'Mexican' place that is now open at King/Church. I believe there used to be a Coffee Time or something on that corner. It is even closer to where I work, so I am gonna go there some time next week.

          Menu 1:
          Menu 2:

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            Where exactly is this place? I couldn't find it online...

            1. re: Trice

              It's on the east side of Yonge St., just north of Dundas. Directly beside HMV. They don't seem to be all the web savvy yet. When I mentioned Chowhound, the owner/cash register guy had never heard of it (although the chef had).

            2. re: NovoCuisine

              I think you are thinking of Quesada's at King and Church. I've gone there a couple times on my way to school. I haven't been impressed. Food is lacking in flavour IMO, especially for "Mexican".

              1. re: pescatarian

                Thanks for the review. Haven't had a chance to go there yet..

            3. Ok, that? Was really, really good. On the recommendation of my fellow Chowhounds, I checked out this place at lunch today.

              An 8" whole wheat tortilla, filled (to "plutzing," as my mother would say) with fresh veggies, spicy tofu, chunks of soft Mexican cheese and black beans.

              Went for the guac - have to say that, in combination (competition?) with all the other flavours, including the chipotle, it got kinda overwhelmed. But the filling was plentiful, fresh, delicious and nicely spiced.

              My only other complaint? Commercial tortillas. Well grilled, to be sure, but c'mon - would it be so hard?

              Timing is also key. The place was lined up out the door on my first pass. So I killed 20 minutes in HMV, and went back to a much shorter wait.