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Dec 18, 2006 07:04 PM

talula vs. nemo xmas eve brunch?

which is better?

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  1. Never did talula's brunch so can't answer. But I also very recently heard that the Ritz Carlton has an amazing brunch as well. So you might want to throw that in the mix. Nemo has a great brunch btw...

    1. I have not done Nemo brunch but Talula's is really nice. They've got a nice outdoor seating area (no view but cozy) and a really nice spread. You can choose from about a half dozen different egg dishes made to order (and get more than one if you want), probably about a half dozen different salad type dishes, several lunch type cooked dishes, and a tremendous spread of desserts and other sweeties.

      1. thanks for input- headed to the ritz. menu online looks wonderful and woman at reservations said even more extensive for xmas eve and xmas day. plus free-flowing champagne. can't beat that and the view! will post our thoughts after.