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Store-bought hummus

Hay Day (now Balducci's) used to sell the most amazing hummus: super creamy and with a little hot pepper bite. I can't find anything that comes close, neither Whole Foods, Trade Joe's, and forget that horrible Tribes of Shiek from the supermarket. Sabra's tahini hummus is my best alternative for now, but I can only find it at Food Emporium and Stew Leonard's. Anyone successful in finding out of this world hummus? My family lives on it! HELP!

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  1. Try Yaranush, a Greek/Middle Eastern grocery on the north end of Central Ave in White Plains. Excellent store-made hummus, baba ganouj, stuffed eggplant and grape leaves (my favorites), baklava, etc. Lots of breads, bulk grains, canned specialty items, etc. A terrific little store that's definitely worth checking out.

    1. Sabra makes a bunch of variations that are quite good including a hot sauce version and a pine nut version. I haven't found many better than Sabras. Most pre-packaged hummuses (sp?) are rather tasteless. I have a harder time finding all the Sabra varieties in Westchester. Used to get all of them at Fairway (in Plainview) but Stop n Shop carries some.

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        Sabra is the tops -- try the supremely spicey hummus; and the little travel pack things, with pita chips, are just what i want for lunch most days.

      2. Sabra's my choice for store-bought, with Cedar's a close second.

        You might want to try take-out hummus. Tons of good places in NYC.

        1. Wednesday Chef has a really easy recipe for home made hummus that is much better (and cheaper) than storebought.


          Look for Paula Wolfert's Hummus...

          1. For the best hummus around--and not too expensive--try Layla's in Stamford:

            Layla's Falafel of Stamford
            936 High Ridge Road
            Stamford, CT 06905

            Layla's Falafel
            2088 Black Rock Tpke.
            Fairfield, CT
            (203) 384-0100

            Just like I ate in Jerusalem. Falafel etc. VERY good too.

            1. You might try Athena brand. We find it very flavorful and is readily available at least in the Price Chopper stores in and near the Capital District of NY.

              1. Here's a thought: buy some cans of chick peas, drain them and chuck them in a Cuisinart with water, fresh lemon juice, fresh garlic, salt and (if you want) harissa. Then push the button. By the time your hand would've touched your car's door handle, you'll be sitting down to lovely spicy hummus. You can also add cumin and/or coriander.

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                  Costco has regular and red pepper hummus that are so good I stopped making my own.

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                    I was talking about this with some Israeli friends, and they strongly recommended soaking bags of dried chickpeas and using those, rather than using canned chickpeas.

                    Also, tahini (ground sesame seed paste), not harissa, is traditionally an essential ingredient... although I must admit that harissa sounds awfully good. OK, maybe we should take this to the Home Cooking board...



                    I really need to get a friggin' blender... heh.

                    As for Sabra, I like that brand a lot. You can get it CHEAP at certain National Wholesale Liquidators stores too. Better prices for Sabra than Stop & Shop or ShopRite, surprisingly (I've seen Sabra at one or two ShopRites).

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                      Whoops--in my sarcastic fit, I forgot the tahini. Karma! That's my punishment for being snotty. (I also forgot to mention to rinse off thise beans)
                      I know many people who prefer to soak dried beans rather than using the canned variety--the flavor is supposed to be better, plus they're much cheaper (if more of a pain). But...you can whip up hummus bi tahini with canned garbanzos in about 30 seconds, or a shorter time that it takes to heat up your pitas.

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                        I've tried before, but don't have a good recipe obviously. Don't you need to cook the garbanzo before blending, or do you just soak them? In my last few attempts, I also 'skinned' the beans, which added a lot more prep time. I guess I'll need to check out the Home Cooking board...

                    2. love sabra roasted red pepper. sold in c-town and sam's club, some stop and shops. lefteris in tarrytown has good greek hummus.

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                        Also just saw Sabra a day or two ago at Turco's in Yorktown -- on sale, no less.