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Dec 18, 2006 07:00 PM

Store-bought hummus

Hay Day (now Balducci's) used to sell the most amazing hummus: super creamy and with a little hot pepper bite. I can't find anything that comes close, neither Whole Foods, Trade Joe's, and forget that horrible Tribes of Shiek from the supermarket. Sabra's tahini hummus is my best alternative for now, but I can only find it at Food Emporium and Stew Leonard's. Anyone successful in finding out of this world hummus? My family lives on it! HELP!

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  1. Try Yaranush, a Greek/Middle Eastern grocery on the north end of Central Ave in White Plains. Excellent store-made hummus, baba ganouj, stuffed eggplant and grape leaves (my favorites), baklava, etc. Lots of breads, bulk grains, canned specialty items, etc. A terrific little store that's definitely worth checking out.

    1. Sabra makes a bunch of variations that are quite good including a hot sauce version and a pine nut version. I haven't found many better than Sabras. Most pre-packaged hummuses (sp?) are rather tasteless. I have a harder time finding all the Sabra varieties in Westchester. Used to get all of them at Fairway (in Plainview) but Stop n Shop carries some.

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        Sabra is the tops -- try the supremely spicey hummus; and the little travel pack things, with pita chips, are just what i want for lunch most days.

      2. Sabra's my choice for store-bought, with Cedar's a close second.

        You might want to try take-out hummus. Tons of good places in NYC.

        1. Wednesday Chef has a really easy recipe for home made hummus that is much better (and cheaper) than storebought.

          Look for Paula Wolfert's Hummus...

          1. For the best hummus around--and not too expensive--try Layla's in Stamford:

            Layla's Falafel of Stamford
            936 High Ridge Road
            Stamford, CT 06905

            Layla's Falafel
            2088 Black Rock Tpke.
            Fairfield, CT
            (203) 384-0100

            Just like I ate in Jerusalem. Falafel etc. VERY good too.