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Mac and Cheese

Any recommendations for good mac and cheese in Manhattan?

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  1. This was just recently discussed http://www.chowhound.com/topics/336805

    That said...I'd reccomend Blue Smoke and Mama's

    1. Try ACME. Even though it's listed on the menu as a side dish, the portion is enormous. Nothing fancy--it's the mac 'n' cheese from your childhood (or mine at least). And so good.

        1. I dont know what is your personal discription of best mac, but I admit I do like Hip hop chows' mac and Brown cafes' mac(specials)

          1. I believe there are two schools of thought on Mac&Cheese. The first is as EVOhNo likes, the childhood mac&cheese, basically a velveeta imitation/replication - in that case, i would say blue smoke. The second, is the more "gourmet" style that uses different types of cheese, has a crusty top. I prefer this type over the homestyle/childhood style (although my wife loves the childhood style and thinks blue smoke's is the best). So, on the second type, i have several favorites. Penelopes on lexington is pretty good, Chat & Chew is acceptable, City Bakery very good but crazy expensive, and one of the best in the city used to be at the Soho Grand - yes, the Soho Grand. Amazing. Havent been back in a while and i know they changed up their foodservices, but it was great and not sure if they still serve it.

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              I think that Chat & Chew's tastes more like the first kind--bland and processed. I still eat it and enjoy it, but it's certainly not haute mac & cheese like those others.

            2. I had a nice Mac and Cheese at Artisinal last week. It went well as a side with some of the other bistro fare.

              1. I LOVE cafeteria's mac n cheese - slightly crusty on top, nice mix of cheese. Always hits the spot. I like blue smoke's but it's similar to a stoufer's one IMO.

                1. eatery and blue smoke

                  1. Blue Smoke is the best I've tasted

                    1. White truffle mac and cheese at Lonesome Dove. It's orzo, not the traditional shape pasta, but delicious.

                      1. Sylvia's in Harlem makes some really good mac n cheese.
                        I like the one at Artisinal as well.
                        I think I'll have the try the truffle mac and cheese soon!

                        1. also...for UWS/ Morningside heights try kitchenette...good mac and cheese

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                            Mayrose has some pretty good Mac and Cheese but my favorite has been Westville. and stay away from S'mac.