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Dec 18, 2006 06:53 PM

Mac and Cheese

Any recommendations for good mac and cheese in Manhattan?

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  1. This was just recently discussed

    That said...I'd reccomend Blue Smoke and Mama's

    1. Try ACME. Even though it's listed on the menu as a side dish, the portion is enormous. Nothing fancy--it's the mac 'n' cheese from your childhood (or mine at least). And so good.

        1. I dont know what is your personal discription of best mac, but I admit I do like Hip hop chows' mac and Brown cafes' mac(specials)

          1. I believe there are two schools of thought on Mac&Cheese. The first is as EVOhNo likes, the childhood mac&cheese, basically a velveeta imitation/replication - in that case, i would say blue smoke. The second, is the more "gourmet" style that uses different types of cheese, has a crusty top. I prefer this type over the homestyle/childhood style (although my wife loves the childhood style and thinks blue smoke's is the best). So, on the second type, i have several favorites. Penelopes on lexington is pretty good, Chat & Chew is acceptable, City Bakery very good but crazy expensive, and one of the best in the city used to be at the Soho Grand - yes, the Soho Grand. Amazing. Havent been back in a while and i know they changed up their foodservices, but it was great and not sure if they still serve it.

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              I think that Chat & Chew's tastes more like the first kind--bland and processed. I still eat it and enjoy it, but it's certainly not haute mac & cheese like those others.