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Dec 18, 2006 06:49 PM

Montreal for a long weekend..suggestions please!

Hello. My husband and I will be in Montreal for 4 nights over the New Year and we are looking for some great food recs!!

We have not been to Montreal since 2000, adn I can't even remember the places we ate at. Our favorite cuisine is French. If you could please list your favorites (Price does not matter.)

For Greek, we like Milos, any other to try in that Greek area?

Any other must trys as well would be appreciated. Even Italian would be nice. Also, where for lunch? (We skip breakfast..usually.)

Thank you all!!

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  1. Milos is still a GREAT place for Greek cuisine.

    For Portugese stuff, try Chez Le Portugais on St-Laurent near Rachel.

    You might wanna try The Pullman on Park Avenue near Sherbrooke St. I consider it's one of the best secret in town. Ask Véronique, the sommelier, for some wine/food combinaisons.

    On Duluth, you must try le Pied de cochon, chef Martin Picard's delirium poutine au foie gras.

    Another best kept secret in town is the restaurant in the Institut d'Hôtellerie on St-Denis near Sherbrooke (in front of Carré St-Louis).

    For brunch, I would strongly recommand Laïka, St-Laurent and Duluth.

    And for lunch, La Tanrentella (Italian) and Petit Alep (Armenian/libanese) in the Jean-Talon Market area.

    Le Réservoir on Duluth corner of St-Laurent is also a wonderful place for lunch, in its own laisser aller style. Near there, Soupe Soup is worth trying for a lunch where you don't feel like eating anything but...soup with a nice loaf of bread.

    There's a bunch of new and very trendy restaurants in the Old Montreal District: Chez l'épicier, and Chez Toqué -which used to be on St-Denis but these are rather expensive -though,worth the price.

    Area, on Amherst near Ste-Catherine Street, is also a $$$ great cuisine experience, either for lunch or dinner. Just a couple of feet from there, you can bring your wine at O Thym (De Maisonneuve corner of Amherst). Same thing - and same owners - at À l'Os, on St-Laurent near Fairmount (Mile-End District).

    Have a great time in my town and enjoy!

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      Wow! Thanks for all the recs!!! Very informative. I really appreciate it! Happy Holidays!!

    2. I forgot: Don't go to Les Chèvres on Van Horne. But got to the next door, Les Choux, for tapas and especially for desserts...

      1. I loved Toque. Great prix fixe chefs menu.

        1. Don't miss breakfast in Montreal. Ask the locals, I haven't been for a while, but the local breakfast delicacy is smoked meat? which is unbelievable. Seek it out, it looks like scrapple which i would never order, and tastes unbelievable.

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            Although, smoked meat for breakfast sounds to me like a good idea, it certainly isn't considered a breakfast item. You might be thinking of cretons, which is made from pork and bread crumbs and therefore somewhat scrapple-like.

          2. I was very, very impressed by my recent meal at Jolifou. There were five of us, so we got to sample almost everything on the menu and it was the first time in a long while were i was not disapointed by a single dish. Everything was perfect.

            Jolifou is a French/Southwest fusion place in the Petite-Patrie neighbourhood.

            Don't take my word for it. Do a search on this board and on Google to see what others have to say about it.