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Montreal for a long weekend..suggestions please!

Hello. My husband and I will be in Montreal for 4 nights over the New Year and we are looking for some great food recs!!

We have not been to Montreal since 2000, adn I can't even remember the places we ate at. Our favorite cuisine is French. If you could please list your favorites (Price does not matter.)

For Greek, we like Milos, any other to try in that Greek area?

Any other must trys as well would be appreciated. Even Italian would be nice. Also, where for lunch? (We skip breakfast..usually.)

Thank you all!!

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  1. Milos is still a GREAT place for Greek cuisine.

    For Portugese stuff, try Chez Le Portugais on St-Laurent near Rachel.

    You might wanna try The Pullman on Park Avenue near Sherbrooke St. I consider it's one of the best secret in town. Ask Véronique, the sommelier, for some wine/food combinaisons.

    On Duluth, you must try le Pied de cochon, chef Martin Picard's delirium poutine au foie gras.

    Another best kept secret in town is the restaurant in the Institut d'Hôtellerie on St-Denis near Sherbrooke (in front of Carré St-Louis).

    For brunch, I would strongly recommand Laïka, St-Laurent and Duluth.

    And for lunch, La Tanrentella (Italian) and Petit Alep (Armenian/libanese) in the Jean-Talon Market area.

    Le Réservoir on Duluth corner of St-Laurent is also a wonderful place for lunch, in its own laisser aller style. Near there, Soupe Soup is worth trying for a lunch where you don't feel like eating anything but...soup with a nice loaf of bread.

    There's a bunch of new and very trendy restaurants in the Old Montreal District: Chez l'épicier, and Chez Toqué -which used to be on St-Denis but these are rather expensive -though,worth the price.

    Area, on Amherst near Ste-Catherine Street, is also a $$$ great cuisine experience, either for lunch or dinner. Just a couple of feet from there, you can bring your wine at O Thym (De Maisonneuve corner of Amherst). Same thing - and same owners - at À l'Os, on St-Laurent near Fairmount (Mile-End District).

    Have a great time in my town and enjoy!

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      Wow! Thanks for all the recs!!! Very informative. I really appreciate it! Happy Holidays!!

    2. I forgot: Don't go to Les Chèvres on Van Horne. But got to the next door, Les Choux, for tapas and especially for desserts...

      1. I loved Toque. Great prix fixe chefs menu.

        1. Don't miss breakfast in Montreal. Ask the locals, I haven't been for a while, but the local breakfast delicacy is smoked meat? which is unbelievable. Seek it out, it looks like scrapple which i would never order, and tastes unbelievable.

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            Although, smoked meat for breakfast sounds to me like a good idea, it certainly isn't considered a breakfast item. You might be thinking of cretons, which is made from pork and bread crumbs and therefore somewhat scrapple-like.

          2. I was very, very impressed by my recent meal at Jolifou. There were five of us, so we got to sample almost everything on the menu and it was the first time in a long while were i was not disapointed by a single dish. Everything was perfect.

            Jolifou is a French/Southwest fusion place in the Petite-Patrie neighbourhood.

            Don't take my word for it. Do a search on this board and on Google to see what others have to say about it.

            1. Angelina, here's a couple of more sugestions, especially for lunch while you're in Montreal. Aix cuisine du terroir, in Hotel Place D'Armes, L'Épicier, Jardins du Ritz (Cartelon)and La Rotonde (in the Museum of Contemporary Art) would be good options for elaborate lunches.

              As for New Year'S Eve, here's an interesting suggestion for foodies: the best caterer in town Agnus Dei associates with les 7 doigts de la main, a Montreal circus. On Dec. 31st, at beautiful Corona Theater (in Old Montreal/St-Henri District) at 10 pm, you can enjoy the best of what Montreal has to offer: theatrical circus and exquisite food. Get your tickets (quick) at admission.com.

              Only one suggestion for Italian food - for I'm a rather good cook myself and I find you can be easely fooled and ripped with all the pseudo trendy italian fine dining restaurant along St-Laurent Blvd and even in the Little Italy (which is not what is used to be)...: BU on ST-Laurent in Mile-End (BYOB)

              And the last but not the least suggestion is a French bistro, Robin des Bois, which is actually a non-profit organization where all the profits go to community orgs, and where the chef used to work nowhere else but at Toque! Great food for a great cause for lunch or dinner 4403, Boul. St-Laurent

              1. OOps... I mixed BU up with À l'os for a sec. BU is actually a Wine bar (so definitely not BYOB)


                1. Hi Angelina, We were in Montreal during the summers of '02, '03, and 04. Weekends each time.

                  In the upscale category, have you been to Toque? Chef/owner Normand Laprise's cuisine was superb, and it was, by far, the best upscale meal we had there. That was in '02, I think, and definitely prior to the restaurant's move to its current location. At first, I read some grumblings about a decline in the food's quality. However, recent reports indicate it's once again top-notch. Note: Don't know if you recall but back a number of years, Chef Laprise opened a restaurant in NYC on 22nd St. (I think it was in the space that once housed Union Pacific and where BLT Prime is now located.) Despite great reviews, it closed so quickly that we never got a chance to eat there. After dining at Toque, it's total mystery to me why he failed in NYC.


                  For more casual dining, we very much enjoyed Lemeac, a French bistro, on Laurier Ouest. It was recommended to us by staff members of our beloved Auberge Hatley, where we went annually for many years and which, sadly, was totally destroyed by a fire earlier this year. In any event, they were so right about Lemeac. Delicious steak/frites, attractive surroundings, and a very lively vibe.


                  If you will have a car, you absolutely *must* go to L'Eau a la Bouche. It's in Ste. Adele, 45 minutes north of downtown Montreal. Anne Desjardins's cuisine is sensational, the wine list is excellent, service is impeccable, and the country decor is pleasant. Ask to be seated in the dining room on the left side of the building, which is nicer than the dining room on the right side.


                  Le Convivial is in the Westmount section of Montreal best gotten to by car. We got to know chef/owner Emanuel Nozati, and his wife, Laurence, when he was the sous chef at the Auberge Hatley, and she worked at the reception desk. They left the Auberge in '03 and opened Le Convivial in early '04. We had dinner there that summer, and it was no surprise to us that Emanuel's food was excellent. Laurence, who is very sweet and friendly, was doing a great job managing the front of the house. At that point, they were still in the process of refurbishing the decor. I came across this very recent review which indicates that we are not alone in our opinion.


                  Enjoy your stay in Montreal and Bon Appetit!

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                    As always, thanks for your response and suggestions! We are leaving tomorrow, so when we get back I will post.

                    Hope you had a wonderful holiday!

                    1. re: Angelina

                      Look forward to reading your report.

                      Happy New Year!

                  2. Well, thank you all for your wonderful suggestions!! Unfortunately our 5 night stay turned into a 1 night stay. We flew out of Newark, NJ on Thursday, but had to come home the next day.

                    We have a terminally ill person in our family. She has been battling with cancer for 3 years now, and when we got the call on Friday morning that she was incoherent and the doctors thought she should remain home and prepare for hospice, we had no choice but to fly home. (She is thankfully still alive as of today Tues.)

                    On another note, I will tell you where we did eat. We arrived in Montreal about 3 p.m. (freezing because in NJ it was 50 - 50 degrees, Montreal was 10 degrees and light snow.) Since it had been so long that we were in Montreal, I had to get a feel for the maps and locations agian of everything. Many places we attempted to dine for a late lunch were closed due to the holiday week. So after much ado, we finally made arrived at a Potuguese restaurant named "Tasca". It was o.k., I don't think I would ever go back because nothing stands out in my mind. The bread was flavorless. (It was located at 172 Duluth) I had a grilled shrimp and grilled calamari platter and my husband had a steak that was served rare and I mean RARE! Much blood, so he sent it back. Like I said, I will not go back here.

                    We really wanted to try Toque!, but it was closed for the duration we would have been there. We also wanted to go to Brunoise, but same reason. So, upon a recomendation from a close friend of ours, we had dinner at L'Express on St. Denis. WOW! We were plesantly surprised with this gem! We arrived at 9 p.m. and the place was packed for a Thurs. night! We did not have reservations, so this nice couple gave up their spot at the bar to have dinner and gave it to us! (They wanted to wait for a table.) So we had dinner at the bar and it was fabulous! We started out with an order of fois gras and it was perfect. For dinner I had the homemade ravioli stuffed with beef, pork and veal...yummm! My husband had a steak with frites in a beranaise sauce. Oh! I can still taste these meals!! We had a bottle of wine, soory I can't remember the name, but it was a crisp white chardonnay. For dessert we shared some delicious cheeses.

                    I must say, our only dinner in Montreal was outstanding! I wish I could have tried all the rest everyone posted, but family always comes first. We are trying to get there again soon, but maybe when we don't freeze our butts off! hee hee :)

                    The Friday we left we had a quick bite in the underground mall at the food court. I give so much credit to everyone in Montreal, all my husband and I kept saying was we never thought fast food could be super amazing! We shared a pannini sandwich (the name escapes me right now.) and ordered a pasta dish from Pasta Pronto! Al I can say is why don't they have ANYTHING like this in Freehold Mall in N.J.!!

                    I have this page printed out so when we go back to this slice of Heaven for us both, I will have the most delicious list possible!!

                    Thank you all for your posts! Happy New Year!

                    (Sorry, Seal, I could not post about any others, but you will have a GREAT time for your birthday. RGR, thanks, we were very excited to take the drve to L'Eau a la Bouche! Perhaps next time around!)

                    I love Montreal!!!