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Dec 18, 2006 06:38 PM

Cru Tasting Menu report

Had the fall tasting menu with wine pairings last week. Started very weak with the langostino ceviche (raw quail egg?!?! hello?!?!) but got steadily stronger. Loved the swordfish which was perfect, the Ragu over the ricotta dumplings, and the squab. Sirloin was good but maybe by that time, i was filling up so didnt think it was memorable.

Wine pairings were all very strong. Service very attentive, friendly, professional. Setting warm, romantic, classy.

Overall, a very good dinner. Not as interesting or creative as some other tasting menus (other than the pretty crappy marinated Langostino) Loved the wine pairings and how they purposely didnt go for the usual suspects but didnt sacrifice just to be cute.

FWIW, had a fantastic meal at Roberto Passon later in the week. Great Italian dishes, huge (almost too big) portions, good value, great service. I know it's a different meal experience with different expectations, but just throwing it in for an FYI cuz I want to see places like this succeed.

Also had a late night steak and frittes at Les Halles. Pretty good, not great, but a decent value. Service was a bit inattentive, but it was just a one time visit.

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  1. What was wrong with the langoustine? Just the addition of raw quail egg? I LOVE raw quail eggs, for dipping my grilled chicken meatballs into.

    1. You said in your post that you thought Cru was not as "interesting or creative as some other tasting menus". Which places have you been that you enjoyed more?

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        Not in Manhattan, but I've enjoyed a fair number. Best one I've ever had was in (don't laugh) Disney World at Victoria & Alberts. Less daring than some, but serious cuisine done very nicely. The desserts were amazing and visually great. Worst I've ever had was at Commander's Palace in NOLA.

      2. I'm still a bigger fan of the build-your-own menus at Cru. We've had the tasting menus too, but the 3-course or 5-course menus are my favorites.