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Dec 18, 2006 05:47 PM

What is the most useless thing in your kitchen you won't get rid of?

-i would have to say my martini glasses.. i don't drink and wouldn't know how to make a martini.
-my slow cooker..i love it and keep meaning to actually use it.
-my extensive collection of spices, some of which i don't ever use.

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  1. My blender, it sits gathering dust, never use it, but won't get rid of it for some reason.

    1. Pasta extruder...squeezes the pasta out through holes and is A) much more difficult than my regular atlas pasta maker, B) way more expensive C) not consistant, D) Messy, takes up a lot of storage.

      Why would I keep this albatross, you ask??? ..... It was a gift from the inlaws

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      1. Toaster. I hate toast, bagels, etc...
        Juicer.....Actually, I will get rid of it. Who wants a juicer?

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        1. re: yehudimenuhin

          i was going to say ooh me me! i want a juicer, but wait.. what would i do with a juicer?

          1. re: yehudimenuhin

            LOL. I would totally take your juicer, and at least pretend to use it for the first few months.

            1. re: yehudimenuhin

              Because I've learned the essence of having really great fresh juice around for cocktails I love my juicer and you couldn't pry it from me :)

              1. re: jpschust

                yeah, me too. I don't use it much but love what it can do!

                1. re: jpschust

                  I need a juicer that will handle massive quantities of limes for margaritas. What kind do you have? Do you think it would work for my purpose?

                  1. re: mamaciita

                    I just have a CA juicer that I got for like 40 bucks. When you think about the parts of a juicer there are really only 3- the round piece you force your citrus on, the motor, and the strainer. The CA plastic is heavy food grade plastic and the motor seems to be holding up fine. It take about 10 seconds to get all the juice I want out of both halves of the limes.

                    1. re: mamaciita

                      I use my grandmother's ancient manual press for such purposes. It is faster and more efficient than hand-squeezing but cleans up in a snap.

                      I was guessing that yehud's is the kind that you put the whole shebang into, and it smooshes out basically the whole fruit/veggie as juice??

                  2. re: yehudimenuhin

                    Juicer is the next gizmo on my list. My friend's 11-year-old asked for the Jack Lalane juicer for Christmas (and got it). It was all she wanted. They said it is wonderful. I've been walking the line on buying one, and they convinced me. Saving the $$. I can't imagine someone wouldn't want theirs! I'd be drinking orange spinach celery pomegranate juice every day. Wheeee!

                    1. re: luv2bake

                      I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw mention of the Jack Lalane juicer. It's like the cadillac of juicers. I looked at the price and every instinct I had told me it was a rip-off. So, we bought the cheap one. Flash forward to the bottom of my kitchen sink where it now sits as a sponge valet. The end of a short-lived fitness craze, the end of our juicing. I would like to blame it on the cheap juicer.

                      Why is the Lalane so great?

                      1. re: foiehaha

                        I have no idea. I haven't witnessed the wonder of Lalanne, but they said it is incredible.

                        I never buy stuff off TV; it seems to me it's a ripoff, and if it were really good, people would be snapping it up off store shelves & not need to be forced to see it on their television screen! :) But that juicer just attracted me. I only saw the commercial once or twice (I don't watch much tv, and what I do watch is usually TiVo'ed, so I don't watch commercials.) Of course, I talked myself out of it. But after their pitch, well, I reconsidered. Even the parents & her older sister, who thought it was a ridiculous Christmas gift, now think it's wonderful.

                        Maybe I'll see if my still uses hers. She got one years ago on a juicer kick, but I haven't heard her talk about it for almost as many years. If she didn't garage sale it yet, I might be able to try one before I buy one.

                        If I find out what's so great about the Lalanne, I'll let you know!

                        1. re: luv2bake

                          Thanks! I just know one of these days, say around mid-April when bathing suit season looms and you already feel a term paper or so behind on that project--that I will walk into Bed, Bath and Beyond and buy one. Lalane must be there.

                          And-- those infomercials had my French/Communist by upbringing husband hooked, too!

                          I often wonder--had we got the LaLane would we be like superpeople.

                        2. re: foiehaha

                          Lalane's model has a powerhorse motor, a large feed tube and is the breeze to clean. The dry bits make great add ins for muffins and smoothies. One of the few informercials that I trusted.

                            1. re: HillJ

                              Hill, I'm guessing this means you have one and like it? Looking for reinforcement of my desire for a Lalanne haha

                              1. re: luv2bake

                                Have it, love it-use it nearly every day...and I do follow the recipes (included in the box) on occasion for using the skins that are extracted-some of the muffins recipes are da bomb.

                                Past experience with other juicers (especially the early models) was awful and I swore off them altogether UNTIL LaLane was demonstrated in front of me.

                                The darn thing has been true to its hype and I've run the attachments thru the dishwasher hundreds of times.

                                (I wish I had his stamina)!

                      2. Fish poacher - got a great deal on it, used it once.
                        Bamboo steamer - never used it.
                        Frying pans - have about six, but somehow each is a slightly different size, so I can't seem to edit.
                        Cookie Tins - haven't made cookies for a couple of years, but "may come in handy one day".
                        Variety of flea market baking ware - unused by me, but "may come in handy one day"

                        This said, until I literally don't have room, or find something that I want the space for, they stay.

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                        1. re: MMRuth

                          Haven't made cookies for a couple of years?!?!?! I would die. haha

                        2. crock pot, got it as a gift, and will never use it.

                          in my humble opinion as a scratch cook I consider a crock pot cheating., like buying pre-sliced veggies, or the like from the supermarket

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                          1. re: swsidejim

                            I use mine to keep rice warm during my all afternoon chili party - can't get the stove temp low enough to keep the rice from burning. similarly good for hot cider if you want to serve it someplace other than the stove.

                            1. re: LauraBear

                              never thought of that use, I guess for a party I could use it as a food warmer.


                            2. re: swsidejim

                              I'm so confused by this. Last night I made lamb shanks with garlic, wine and tomatoes in the crock pot. Definitely from scratch. Definitely tasty. And I set it to cook in the morning and was able to go about my business all day. Not that people don't use crock pots to aid and abet crimes against food (there's a lot of "can of soup" cookery associated with crockpots) but it's not exactly not from scratch.

                              1. re: Amuse Bouches

                                In my humble opinion I think being able to go to work all day while an item is cooking without monitoring is "cheating" in my book. I am an avid BBQ/Smoker, and when I smoke Brisket, or ribs, etc, I am there at all time monitoring it. Same goes for when I make a soup/stock/or stew from scratch,, or a roast.

                                Not trying to belittle anyones preferences, these are just my own, and were the background for the reason I said it is the most useless item in my kitchen.

                                If it works for you and you enjoy it, im glad to hear it.

                                Bon Appetite.

                              2. re: swsidejim

                                crock pots are a VERY valid cooking medium. Energy efficent way of maintaining a very low cooking temp, for stew, braises etc. I make Excellent very clear stocks using a crock pot overnight, especially when I use hocks or shanks.

                                If you are a scratch cook and are not using this, you are missing alot.

                                1. re: Quine

                                  I have large stock pots for making batches of stock, and I am not really all that concerned about being energy efficient.,either way, a gas stove is very cheap to run..

                                  I did actually use my crock pot the other weekend to hold some italian beef in its juice to keep it warm for a party. Did the trick as a warming dish.

                                  As I mentioned before, this is my humble opinion, and if a crock pot works for you, then by all means use it, and enjoy.