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Dec 18, 2006 05:41 PM

Something to go with lemon mousse

Lemon mousse - and what? The mousse alone seems too insubstantial so I'd like to serve it with something else. Maybe an almond cake? Any other ideas? Could do cookies, but prefer something less fiddly to make. There will be a fruit platter also.

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  1. Lemon goes with so many things. Nutty tea cake, pound cake, gingerbread, meringue/pavlova, poached pears, or just spooned into a tart shell. Syrupy candied kumquats or any candied zest would be a nice garnish. Are you doing individual plates or is this for a buffet?

    1. I would make some kind of nut cookie (maybe almond) to serve alongside. Maybe serve it in an almond tuile? A raspberry sauce might also be nice.

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        Nut cookie is what I was thinking as well. The book of the month folks are cooking from the new Dorie Greenspan book and she's got a recipe for a "Swedish visiting cake" that sounds like something that would also work. Sort of a plain, almond cake, very forgiving, easy to throw together.

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          Let's hear it for Florentines!!!

        2. Dark chocolate truffles. Yum.

          1. raspberry thumbprint or linzer cookies would go well- so many great recipes.

            1. *You can put the lemon mousse in between thin layer of cake, if it's thick enough.

              *You can make a triffle with it.

              *Serve it with crush biscotti in it or maybe a thin crisp cookie

              *Make a parfait

              *Layer it between some baked phyllo dough that have been baked with crush almonds on it and top with piped whipped cream and fresh raspberries

              *Bake puff pastry into a bowl and serve the mousse in that or a chocolate cup top with fresh fruit or chocolate or both