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Dec 18, 2006 05:38 PM

Apple pie filling: to prebake or not

do you prebake/roast your filling for your apple pies? my mother's and my father's recipes both go with raw apples into the unbakes crust and cook all together, real simple. i however, have been doing lots of reading/surveying/experimenting and it seems that cooking the filling might be the best option. just wondering what everyone out there goes for. thanks.

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  1. I use the recipe from the King Arthur Baking Book and it uses raw apples and raw crust. I like the way that some of the apples cook down and others stay firm.

    1. I've done it both ways and prefer putting raw apples into the crust. The cooked version I've made is a French tart which involves cooking and pureeing the apples, filling a pre-based crust and topping with slices of raw apples which are glazed before serving. It's very good too, but I prefer the rustic look and taste of pie made with chunks of apple.

      1. To me, a half cooked apple is a little like a half cooked onion. Raw onions- love them. Cooked onions- I worship at their shrine. But a half cooked onion? Get it out of my sight.

        Apples, same thing, raw and cooked, love, but half cooked, nope. Unless you pre-cook them, half cooked apples will always be a potential for apple pie.

        1. I've always gotten the best results by par-cooking the apples first. Not only does it guarantee you have a fully cooked apple in your pie, but it also keeps the crust from getting too, too soggy as the pie bakes. Make sure to let your apples cool before adding your thickener and scooping into the crust.

          1. I like to saute them first in butter and some brown sugar and cinnamon. You don't want to get them too soft, but just until they are a little tender. Otherwise, you often end up with half-raw apples when the crust is done.

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              yes, i think this is THE way to go. maybe ill try today. cheers everyone.

              1. re: ben61820

                An old post yes, but it's my dilemma today. I've always gone with the raw in the oven approach, but this one sounds like a good alternative. Any other opinions?

                1. re: michele cindy

                  i always do exactly as kittyfood described - saute first just to get a nice caramelization started without cooking them through.

                  of course, as others have mentioned, the doneness of the apples will also depend on the thickness of the slices.

                  1. re: michele cindy

                    I like this approach, too. I have a recipe where you add cream to the mix and it adds an amazing caramel richness.

                    1. re: michele cindy

                      There was a recent thread that mentioned microwaving the apples for a couple of minutes. i just tried it this morning and we tried the pie late this afternoon and it worked. The poster said two minutes so of COURSE I couldn't list and did three. They were right ;-/