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Dec 18, 2006 05:02 PM

ISO quick, tasty, healthy food near North Hollywood / Studio City

I'm looking for restaurants that offer quick service (being able to order at the counter for take out) and tasty, healthy food. An example would be a rice bowl with teriyaki chicken or beef and veggies. Doesn't have to be asian food, but just anything quick, healthy, and fairly cheap.

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    1. Try Ohana Grill on Ventura near Vineland, in the Bally's gym strip mall.

      Ohana has great bowls, bbq chicken, and a "supah" salad that really is super. All ingredients are very fresh, and the food is very tasty, and healthy too!

      I usually order either the bbq chicken or supah salad, both with white meat chicken which costs $1 extra, but is worth it.

      Also, Amir's Falafel on Ventura/Colfax.

      1. How about Hugo's on Riverside and Coldwater? You can get to take out.

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          Hugo's the taco stand? I always drive by, but never been. The food is good?

          1. re: cycler15

            The taco stand, or the restaurant that's kittycorner.

            1. re: Das Ubergeek

              Hmmm... I've never noticed the restaurant. I always drive south on Coldwater Canyon to get to the 101 freeway and always notice the taco stand on the right side just as I get on the freeway. I didn't know there was a restaurant kittycorner. How is the food?

              1. re: cycler15

                The food at Hugo's is really good. I like the potent sweet potatoes, the create-a-plate, and any of their vegan soups. I've never had a bad meal there. The food is healthy and fresh, they also have a vegan menu, and the daily specials are yummy! Sometimes, though, "quick" is not the best way to describe the service-but they do their best if you let them know your time frame


                1. re: cycler15

                  It's actually just east of the corner, on the north side of Riverside.

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                    the food @ hugo's is great...and it's one of the most extensive healthy menus in l.a. with a lot of vegetarian options as well. it's my top choice aside from 'a votre sante.'

                    btw, if you're ever there for breakfast or brunch, try the oatmeal frittata. it rocks!

            2. On Tujunga there is Aroma Cafe that has a very good turkey burger. They also have salads and soups that are pretty healthy. Its in between Moorpark and Ventura.

              1. A little farther west, but The Dressing Room on Ventura

                HealthyCa on Lankershim

                Nature's Pantry on Riverside (Burbank though


                Leaf Cuisine is up at Ventura and Beverly Glen.

                Kung Pao Bistro does healthy chinese

                You can always do pick up Sushi... sashimi is very healthy

                And, second the rec for Hugo's for plain healthy.