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Dec 18, 2006 05:02 PM

North/Northwest Suburban Mexican Restaurants

Looking for new mexican restaurants....willing to travel anywhere in the north/northwest suburbs. What's your favorite?

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  1. Lupita's
    700 Main St.
    Evanston, IL 60202

    Lupita's standard menu is conventional Mexican cuisine, all of it competently prepared. Where they really shine is their weekly specials; they have unusual and creative dishes on the specials menu, and they are outstanding. Also, they keep their website updated with the dinner specials every week, so you can check them out before you actually go. (They have lunch specials, too, but they don't bother posting those on their website.


    Another good choice is:

    La Casa del Gordo
    2014 First St.
    Highland Park 60035-1428

    1. I've had many a good meal at Fuego in Arlington Heights:

      1. Go to Waukegan! It easily has the largest Hispanic community between Milwaukee & Chicago.

        The area that runs along Washington St, in between Lewis Ave & Jackson has at least 30 Mexican dining establishments, Mercado's and bakery's. There are also quite a few establishments starting to pop up along Grand & Belvidere, and few on Dugdale as well.

        My 3 favorites are; Taco's Del Rey De Oro, Los Compadres and Tulca.

        Keep in mind, these places are "real Mexican", they are lovingly run by first generation Mexicans. So it is more like eating in Chicago's Little Village, and they are decidedly not Americanized like a Lalo's or Pepe's, or foo foo like a 5 star Bayless place would be.

        1. Hot Tamales in Highland Park is great spot for unconventional Mexican. Try the Duck Tacos and don't miss the pumpkin tamale.