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Dec 18, 2006 05:02 PM

Three organic eggnogs -- a comparison

Recently I've had occasion to buy organic eggnog (I only buy organic, because the "regular" invariably have high fructose corn syrup) from three different producers available in the San Francisco Bay Area: Rockview Farms (Trader Joe's), Organic Valley and Straus.

Tastes in eggnog vary, so I'm not going to try to rate them, just describe them comparatively:

Rockview Farms: the thickest, yellowest of the three, but also the one with the most additives (both starch and carageenen); sugar is the second ingredient. I don't know if the color and texture create an illusion, but it seemed like the eggiest of the three.

Organic Valley: medium thick; sugar is the second ingredient and contains carageenen. Predominant flavor is vanilla, rather than eggs or nutmeg.

Straus: the thinnest, palest of the three, but no additives. Sugar is the third ingredient, and it's noticably less sweet and has a more pure dairy taste than the others. Good, well-balanced nutmeg flavor.

Both the Straus and the Rockview Farms held up well to the addition of a shot of brandy (vbg). I'd happily drink all three of these, so the choice is really whether you like the richer mouthfeel of the versions with thickeners, or the less rich (but also less cloying) Straus.

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  1. Thanks so much Ruth for doing this rugged research. It must have been tough. Based on your comments, I will stick with Straus.

    1. If you can find it Horizon has a wonderful low fat organic eggnog.

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      1. re: emilief

        Love that Horizon Low Fat Eggnog! I didn't even realize it was low fat until it was almost gone. Everyone should give this a try. It is creamy and flavorful!

        1. Thanks for this post.

          1. I appreciate the info. I always used to make it from scratch, with the family. I had no idea which prepared nog, if any, was potable.

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            1. re: munch_kin

              i may be committing nog sacrilege here, but i really enjoy the silk nog made with soymilk. if i can't have REAL homemade eggnog, then i'd rather have the soynog, it's well spiced, not cloyingly sweet. i tried some store bought regular eggnog this past week and it was truly awful.

              1. re: mermaidsd

                That is a GREAT idea! I love soy milk, anyway. Much better than "regular" milk. I prefer raw, anyway. That is not exactly the safest, so soy sounds like the way to go. Can you buy soynog, or do you have to buy soy milk and make it?

                1. re: munch_kin

                  the 'silk' brand makes a soy nog, i found it in the refrigerated section next to the regular soymilks. i do believe it's a seasonal item though. it is quite good, well balanced in sweetness and spice. i also made some soynog lattes with it last week and they were delicious.

                  their silk chai and silk mochas are good too (off topic, sorry!)

                  1. re: mermaidsd

                    I like "Silk" the best, but I've only had regular and chocolate, so far. I will check it out soon, since the holiday season is fast coming to an end. Thanks again for the tip!