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Dec 18, 2006 05:01 PM

Good local coffee roasters, and where to purchase their products?

I have an extensive thread going on the General Topics Board of this site, regarding what coffees are similar in taste but not price to Kona, as well as the best ways to use a french press in order to get the best flavor out of the final product. Long story short, I'm a non-coffee drinker, but I've purchased a french press for someone as a Christmas present, and want to present the press with some coffee. It appears as if freshness can be an issue when getting coffee shipped from somewhere, so someone recommended that I consult with locals to find a local coffee roaster to either buy from directly, or to buy from via a local coffee shop. Given that Philadelphia is a decent sized city, and given that I know we have decent coffee here, can anyone recommend either a local roaster I can contact, or a coffee retailer that sells beans roasted locally? I'm in the Chestnut Hill area, but am willing to travel. Oh, and as an aside, I'm not stuck on Kona, but would instead prefer recommendations for roasters dealing with a wide variety of beans. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Old City Coffee in Reading Terminal Market has a lot of varieties and can make up a nice gift basket of you'd like. There is also Fante's at the Italian Market too.

    1. I love Anthony's Italian Market Reserve. It's pretty much all I drink these days. They have several other varieties, I believe they have a Mandheling and an organic blend, but I like the Italian Market Reserve too much to stray. You can order them online at, but you're better off heading down to the store, it's a few doors south of Christian on the east side of 9th St.

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        i moved to los angeles 2 years ago and still miss the italian market reserve. best coffee ever.

      2. Hi,

        La Colombe makes great coffee for retail sale as well as it being served in the areas finest restaurants. Jean Philippe and Todd started out locally and have received national attention. You can pick up their beans from Baker Street right on Gemrantown Ave or at any Whole Foods Market nearby.

        In addition, right here in Chestnut Hill, where I live, you can buy your beans from at Chestbut Hill Coffee Company across from Borders. They have been opne a little over a year... won a best of Philly last summer, and have just begun roasting their own blends for retail.
        These guys (Sultan and John) are from Seattle and know their stuff. I ALWAYS enjoy their coffee.

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          Thanks for the Chestnut Hill Coffee Company recommendation...while I knew they were well regarded in the area, I wasn't sure specifically what for, since I know nothing about coffee. So, I'll definitely check them out as it will be easier for me to get there before the holidays than for me to get downtown. Thanks again!

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          1. I would agree with Chestnut Hill as a good choice but just as a (future) FYI, Crescent Moon Coffee & Tea is an amazing roaster right over the bridge.
            And if you're really set on the Kona, I was just @ Crescent Moon the other day and they have pounds of 100% Kona for the holidays; to my knowledge, you can probably order online it @ though it might be in too short supply for online sales (?). Happy hunting!

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              You can walk into Cresent Moon to buy their beans rather than order online?