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Dec 18, 2006 04:57 PM

Good eats in Reading

Looking for good meals in Reading-any price range and cuisine is fine, but I have a fondness for unassuming gems. Will be here for a couple of weeks visiting family. Thanks in advance for the advice!

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  1. I'd suggest getting out of Reading and driving to some of the good pubs out in the countryside (but not far away). There is The Swan in Goring or try the Hinds Head in Bray near Windsor. If you go out the Oxford Rd., you'll pass Pangbourne where there is a historic pub with good food and that road leads up to Goring. The Hinds Head is well worth a visit - owned by Heston Blumenthal and the best pea and ham soup I've ever tasted.

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      Thank you for the suggestions-they sound great! Will definitely try them out asap. :)

    2. About the same distance as Pangbourne is a village called Stanford Dingley. There are two good pubs, The Bull and The Old Boot. I have not been for a while but I fancy the Boot has the edge on food. The setting is good rural Berkshire and the locals simple, country, race-horse owning folk.

      1. L'Ortolan in Shinfield is the best restaurant in the immediate vicinity of Reading

        1. In Reading itself there's The Art of Siam - a very good Thai restaurant. The Standard Tandoori is a Nepalese curry house with similar dishes to most Indian restaurants but with some specials and the quality is top notch. Outside of Reading by 6-7 miles is the George and Dragon - on the Thames in Wargrave. This is a relaxed, contemporary pub/restaurant with good quality food.

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            Dude, The George and Dragon is a harvester restarant!

            You could go a bit further and head into Henley on Thames. There are some excellent gastropubs in the surrounding areas (Crooked Billet, Fox and Hound, Five Horseshoes in Maidensgrove) or indeed even the 3 tuns in Henley town centre which is supposed to be quite good.

          2. I spent a couple months in Reading in 1998 and liked the fish and chips from a place called Top Table. Not sure if its still there.