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Dec 18, 2006 04:52 PM

What do you love to serve to your guests?

What are some of your favorite items to serve when you invite people(friends and family) to your house? I need some tips.

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  1. My entrees vary, but I really love to offer the best and most enormous shrimp I can find, boiled right, with homemade cocktail sauce as an appetizer. Everyone in my family happens to love shrimp, even the kids, and no one is allergic.

    1. As an appetizer, deviled eggs with lots of Dijon mustard, capers and chopped tarragon mashed into the yolks. Everyone likes them and there are usually no leftovers.

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        That sounds like something I want to try, been thinking of jazzing up my deviled eggs. Do you chop the capers?, How much tarragon do you use? Do you use mayo?

        1. re: Kari

          I like to put the capers on top as decoration (and flavor).
          Yes, deviled eggs are often overlooked, but the go fast at any gathering!

      2. Most things that can be prepared in advanced. I don't want to be cooking and working when everyone is there. So that means, if it's meat, it's a roast or something that's in the oven, or stews. Large fish and not individual pieces. Roasted vegetables or salads. Appetizers that are premade and can be popped in the oven. It's busy before everyone arrives but once they do, I have little to do but serve. I don't have a "favorite"--I love experimenting and trying new things.

        1. We love to serve guests simple but special basics:

          Fresh made bread(served with dairy butter/parm/olive oil)
          A platter of fresh cut up fruit (seasonal)
          A sampler plate of cheeses (usually themed)
          A sliced meat tray with various dips (horseradish is a fav)
          Lots of wine (usually regional theme)

          Beyond that our dinner menu could vary alot.

          1. usually a curry dish of some kind, or butter chicken (or chicken tikka masala) with rice or a simple pilaf.
            side dishes vary, but i love indian food so i usually go with something like that.
            and can't forget fresh homemade bread..