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Dec 18, 2006 04:37 PM

3 Arlington Restaurants: Tandoori Nights, Earl's Sandwiches, & Piola

Wanted to let you all know about 3 restaurants in the Arlington area that are relatively new (have been opened for about 1 1/2 year or less) that are nice additions to the Arlington area between Rosslyn and Clarendon.

Just went to Tandoori Nights this past weekend and I really like the place. They're located on the 2nd level of the Market Common, near Barnes & Noble in Clarendon. I actually went 3 times w/ 3 different groups of people. It has nice ambiance and great service. It's upscale non-traditional Indian food. They have a decent size menu and I think they can tailor the level of spice on most of their dishes. On one occasion I was w/ my niece and nephew and the waiter said they can make most dishes non-spicy, so I assume they can also increase the level too. My Indian friend that went w/ me on the one occassion said it's not authentic Indian but the dishes we tried she felt had great flavors.

Located on Wilson Blvd between Clarendon and Courthouse. I've been there several times and love their sandwiches. They freshly roast their turkey, pork, and roast beef. I've only had the turkey and though I want to try the other meats, it's just so good that I keep getting the same one every time I go back. My friend who has the pork said it's very good too. I generally don't like sandwiches b/c most places use processed meats but Earl's has reformed me. Defnitely give this place a try even if you think you don't like sandwiches.

Located on Wilson Blvd in Courthouse next to Cafe Asia. Their menu mainly consist of gourmet pizzas w/ few other Italian pasta dishes and seafood/meats. I used to drive to 2 Amy's in DC for gourmet pizzas but since I live in Arlington, it's great to have a local place to go to for good pizzas in a relaxing environment. It has a nice ambiance and just like 2 Amy's, it's also kid friendly. They have a couple of couches by the bar, which I enjoy relaxing there and eating my yummy pizzas. They have thin crust pizza w/ quality ingredients. I usually ask them to make mine extra crispy so if you prefer yours that way too, then don't hesitate to ask. The owners, who are 2 brothers, are very nice. I haven't been there for happy hour but heard they offer food and drink specials.

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  1. Thanks for the reviews! I am also a fan a Earl's Sandwiches. The fresh roasted turkey is just as good as my grandmother's Thanksgiving birds.

    My last visit I had the soup of the day, Cream of Mushroom. (Or some creamy mushroom soup, it might have been called Wild Mushroom or something of the like.) I was disappointed. I found it to be lacking in flavor, and way to creamy. In fact, I felt as thought all I could taste was the cream.

    I'll stick to sandwiches from now on, or try other soups. But Earl's is definetely a favorite of mine.

    Also, is Piola a chain?

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      Si. However it is an Italian chain, if that makes it better....

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        I had a tomato based soup, can't remember what it was though, from Earl's one time too and wasn't too crazy about it either. Sticking to the sandwiches sounds like a good idea.

      2. How would you compare Piola with Pie-Tanza?

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          I think Piola has a larger and more unique selections of pizza than Pie-Tanza. I also like their crust more.

        2. I have to agree about Earl's. I also am not a sandwich fan for the same reasons, but I do love their pork with peppers and garlic sauce. The pork is very moist. Someday I'll try the turkey if I can tear myself away from the pork.

          I've also had the fish and chips, which I found nicely done.

          1. Thanks for the field report. You reminded me that I have to get out and check out Piola. My husband and I traveled to Argentina last year and enjoyed pizza at the Buenos Aires location. I think the pizza is fairly decent and as mentioned, they offer a nice selection (at least when we were in BA!) I'm excited to try the location a little closer to home!