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Dec 18, 2006 04:15 PM

Late Night Coffeeshops on the Westside?

Hi. I'm returning home for the holidays and am trying to find a good place in West LA for late night coffee and desserts with a few friends. I love Amandine on Wilshire, but it closes early, and Cafe Balcony on Pico usually closes for a week around the holidays. Does anyone have suggestions for good places to go? Thanks!

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  1. Delores on Santa Monica and Purdue opens 24 hours. Very old school diner shop kind of place. The food isn't a 4 star meal by any means but it's open all night which is rare on the westside.

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      If you like ice cream they have killer banana splits :-)

    2. Urth Cafe is open late and has good desserts. I recommend their banana cream pie with oreo crust.

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        is the pumpkin pie still available?? you cannot go without it if it's still available. you will find me all over this site plugging it... i am mildly obsessed. try it and you will see why.

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          Yes, we had Pumpkin Pie from the one on Beverly this past monday! :)They also had Pumplin Cheesecake. :)


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            urth's pumpkin pie was inedible...i'm talking yucko

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              Elaborate... what about it was yucko? Because in terms of taste, texture, presentation, crust, filling, everything... their pie is top notch IMO.

      2. dolores is kinda gross in my opinion. Cafe 50's is no star place either but its open late and has lotsa sundaes and fun stuff like that. its on santa monica as well on the same side of the street and right past Federal

        1. Swingers gets some mixed reviews on this site ... I personally don't think it's "great" but I can always find something for lunch or breakfast that I like.

          That said, it is open late and would serve the purpose of a late night coffee shop. Swingers always used to fill up (I say it in past tense because I moved from the neighborhood a while ago) after 11 and later because bar hoppers tended to go in their after a night of drinking.

          Santa Monica has few good choices for late night coffee. People go to places like Izzy's Deli because it is open 24 hours. Swingers has above average coffee (they can make a latte or capp), a good enough menu and -- and this is a selling point for me, personally -- a really good CD jukebox.

          1. Norm's on Pico east of Sepulveda (rather than the SM branch) is newly decorated and a good place for coffee (good) and desserts (so so) but its clean, well lit parking lot and nice wait persons.