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New York Restaurant T-Shirts

This is kind of a weird one, but here goes. I have a friend who just moved out of New York and I want to buy her a bunch of New York local restaurant T-Shirts so she can wear them in L.A. and sneer at people who don't recognize the names ;)

So far I have gotten her a shirt from "Prune". Any other recommendations on cool, distinctive t-shirts that only a Manhattanite would recognize? Nothing too famous like Peter Luger's or something...

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  1. i love my tshirt from sammy's in LES. the food is not that great, we still had fun, and got a free tshirt after spending a lot for an overpriced meal. i've had many people ask/comment about it. seen several people outside of NY with the shirt on. i assume the tshirt would be for sale.

    chinatown ice cream factory might be a nice spot as well.

    1. Yummy Noodles in Chinatown.

      1. Shake Shack - although this might have to wait till March/April when they open again.

        1. Crif Dogs in the east village!

          1. Wo Hop!! chice of black or white ;-)

            1. Benfaremo Italian Ices "The Lemon Ice King of Corona"

              It's in Queens but a NY thing.

              And the t-shirts are cheap too.

              Not a restaurant, but the bar d.b.a whose slogan is "Drink good stuff"

              1. i ALMOST bought a t-shirt from the spotted pig.... until i discovered it was $40. Apparently they're "one of a kind" and made from a local independent artist. They did look really great, and am kind of regretting now that i'm back on the west coast

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                  I bought one from the Spotted Pig when we were there in November, even though I did gulp at the $40 price tag. I'm SO glad I did. It's very comfortable and fits well and is really unique. I've gotten a lot of comments on it.

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                    Katz's has several. One is a drawing of the exterior.
                    The staff wears a quirky one that simply has the ticket you receive upon entry, they fill it up as you go, and that's your bill on the way out past the cashier.
                    They have an annoyingly over-designed website through which you probably can get one.

                  2. Caracas Arepa Bar in the East Village as a great one.

                    1. Actually, Geido sushi on Flatbush Ave. in Brooklyn has an awesome t-shirt.

                      1. I have 2 shirts from Ollie's Noodle Shop. They are polos, not tee. They were gifts so I don't know the price. One of my dogs is named Ollie.

                        1. Not sure if these are recognizable even in NY, but the Momofuku t-shirts are very cute (black with a peach on the front).