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Dec 18, 2006 03:50 PM

It's like a Mexican food Disneyland!

I've always been a fan of Super Taqueria and was puzzled when the new taqueria opened up at Mercado Superior up the street (they are, after all owned by the same people). My first trip there some time ago was rather uneventful. It just seemed like a much larger place serving the same thing as Super only it was excrutiatingly slow.

Well, I guess it was a work in progress. I was putting on a mexican feast for my company party and needed provisions so I stopped into the market. What astounded me was the transformation that the Taqueria went through. Now, in addition to selling tacos, they have a variety of very large tamales, whole roasted chickens, a take out barbacoa and carnitas carving station (for lack of a better phrase), and enormous torilla station selling them by the pound, a huge selection of Mexican pastries, and even a agua fresca, fruit, and ice cream spot. It's completely unreal. When you consider that the market itself is about as comprehensive a mexican grocery as you'll find in the area, you can pretty much count on it for one stop Mexican shopping. I won't have to trek out to Miss Tortilla on 98 for some of these things any longer.

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  1. Sounds great. I guess it's in the Triangle, but where?

    1. Sorry, Roxboro Rd in Durham, NC

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        Cool. Next time I'm in town I'm gonna check it out. Thanks.

      2. Just don't go Sat afternoons when, in addition to the salsa on the condiments bar, they have the karaoke variety, served VERY LOUD. :-o

        At least they did the past two Sat's I stopped in.

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          This place is great. They have everything you can think of. I really like the Mexican pastry which is like a bread pudding bar. Don't know the name. I've taken a friend from El Paso and Arizona and both thought it was very authenic.

        2. I agree, this place is pretty amazing. I haven't tried the tamales yet. I LOVE a great tamal, but store-bought ones are so often dry and heavy, instead of light, fluffy and transcendental.

          The last time I checked, the tortillaria at the Mercado Superior is just making corn tortillas. Yes, I know that in most of Mexico, corn tortillas are the only game in town. But I'm an ex-Austinite, and in Tex-Mex cooking (not to mention northern Mexico), flour tortillas are like the bread and butter on the table. At one point I was very seriously considering opening a full service tortillaria in Durham. Instead, I finished grad school and became white collar. Ho hum.

          Incidently, I hear that the Galaxy supermarket at Forest Hills shopping center in Durham is mostly a Latino grocery, but I haven't yet checked it out for myself.

            1. re: like2run

              Roxboro Rd near Old Oxford Rd in Durham