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Dec 18, 2006 03:48 PM

Peppadew recipes

I recently saw and tried a recipe for Peppadews stuffed with goat cheese, wrapped in prosciutto and baked. They were incredible. I was hoping to find more recipes for Peppadew, but searching the Internet only turned up variations on the goat cheese version. I am thinking of some kind of meat stuffing maybe. Any ideas?

nancy d

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  1. I recently acquired 30 jars of those beauties, as they were marked down to $1 a jar. I tried to hide my face from any security cameras as they rang them up at the register.

    Ran into the same problem you mentioned, so I googled for "stuffed bell peppers", thinking that any stuffed pepper recipe can be modified down to fit these cherry pepper sized gems. More than 50K hits

    So far the bell pepper corollary it has worked. Did the standard ground beef/rice/onion/tom sauce, but took the extra step to chop the rice, thinking along the lines of miniaturized dollhouse furniture. Then did a tofu/walnut/parmesan glazed in miso/mayonnaise. Next time I'll just google "stuffed bell peppers" along with an ingredient that seems fun.

    As to tools, I found it really useful to use the "ziploc with snipped corner as a piping bag" to stuff the narrow aperture.

    Twenty seven jars to go. I used the third one as sub for diced pimentos in my Drug of Choice: pimento cheese.

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      How did you like the peppadews in the pimento cheese? That was my first thought when I tried them, but I fear they might perhaps be too sweet and one dimensional.

      1. re: JungMann

        They were really quite good.

        I made the PC and piped it inside to produce some double-stuffed Peppadews.

        Those 30 jars were quite a fun run.

    2. Just last night I read a recipe in the current issue of Bon Appetit for pimiento mac & cheese, which of course called for peppadews. I thought it looked and sounded amazing.

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      1. re: aching

        I've been so tempted to forget about calories and try that. I love peppadews and put them in as much as I can. I'm humbled that I never thought to put them in mac and cheese!

        1. re: katecm

          It really does sound insanely good. The feedback on Epicurious is very positive too.

      2. We've stuffed them with small mozzarella balls as a quick and easy appetizer. They went over really well.

        1. This is not really a recipe, but I LOVE LOVE peppadews as a topping for lamb burgers (along with feta and mint-laced greens...sometimes a slice of sauteed eggplant).

          1. The French like to fill peppadews with tuna (& a little mayo). Smoked tuna is even better. Have also stuffed them with alici (fresh white anchovies), which make for a nice contrast.