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Dec 18, 2006 03:45 PM

Holiday cookie question?

I make the mistake of baking my chocolate chip cookies on waxed paper! It was late night and I totally wasn't thinking? Do you think if I scrapped the bottom of the cookie with a serated edge the any wax that was baked in the cookie will be eliminated or was it baked into the whole cookie. Anyone out there have a solution? Thanks!!!

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  1. The parafin is baked into the bottom of the cookie. I wouldn't advise eating them. To salvage the ingredients, and your time, try slicing off the bottom 1/4 " or so, and save the cookie tops as crumbles to top ice cream, or mix into a sweet bread pudding etc. If this seems impractical, just toss them and move on. There will be other memorable cookies!

    1. I am NOT a nutritional expert, and if I were you I'd probably toss them, BUT:

      I did the same thing to a cake once, and actually served it and ate it before I realized what I had done. I didn't realize until I went to pull out the parchment paper the next time around and realized I'd run out (and deducted that the last thing I'd used was wax, not parchment).

      The good news is, no one who ate the cake got sick, and we're all well and good. Parafin's not toxic, is it? Everyone's who's ever chewed on a wax Halloween lip or one of those liquid sugar in a wax bottle candies has probably swallowed plenty. Again, I don't actually know this for sure.

      1. It's def not toxic, but it could give a tummy ache and prob won't taste so good. If you're serving to guests, I say, no.

        1. Scrapping the bottom of the cookie, like half the thickness of the cookie, and it should be fine. As long as you are not eating any of the wax paper. Personally, I don't buy wax paper and just buy parchment paper to avoid mixing the two.

          1. If the waxed paper is *made* to *wrap up food*, it is almost surely OK to eat! I have used waxed paper many many times instead of parchment, no harm done, can't taste that thin thin amount of wax.
            It is recommended to wrap cheese in waxed paper.
            Reynolds waxed paper box says use it under cake batter to make removal after baking easier. (It works fine.)