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Dec 18, 2006 03:36 PM

The Lingering Odor of Latkes Frying

On Saturday I fried latkes for 8 people. Today (Monday) my house still smells of potatoes, onions and oil. It's too cold to open the doors and windows. How do I get the odor out of the house?

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  1. You could fill a medium pot of water about 2/3 full and boil it with cinnamon (and maybe a bit of clove) for a while. It won't get rid of the smell, but it might mask it. and pray for warmer weather!

    Good luck.

    1. Light some plain unscented candles and let them burn for a while. The flame seems to burn up whatever scent molecules are still circulating in the air: scientifically sound or not, that's what seems to happen.

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        burning some candles always works for me. i burn a candle in the kitchen while i cook smelly foods or fry so the oders get burned up immediately.

      2. There's a discussion over on Home Cooking about a recipe for a concoction to make your home smell nice:

        1. To prevent this in the first place you can get a splatter screen. You would be surprised how far the oil can travel in the air. The screen cuts down the oil a lot.

          1. My first thoughts,,. whats so wrong with that??? My second thought. Being a real estate agent I would go into many a house with funky smells. Nothing turns off buyers more than the heavy smell or curry or cabbage or liver and onions. A quick and easy solution... heat your oven on about 325 for about 10 minutes... and place a piece of tin foil in it that has some vanilla extract on it and let it go to work for you... You can shut the oven off after a few minutes since you don't want to scorch the extract to the foil... works like a charm