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Dec 18, 2006 03:16 PM

PU PU Platter

Looking for a place that serves pu pu platters - we're talking sterno heated food on a stick - the stuff we used to adore as children. I'm nostalgic for my pre foodie past. Anyone have any recs for dine in options near Brighton? Umbrella drinks are a bonus.

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  1. The Tiki Lounge across from Fenway Park is a good place to go for pu pu platters. It's a tacky, cheesy place with Polynesian decor. And this is a good time of year to go, since the Sox are still a few months away from being at Fenway, so it's usually pretty quiet these days.

    1. Rt 1 Dedham - Tahiti would be perfect. Everyone makes fun of that place, esp the bar, but it's great for the nostalgia factor as you're interested in. Went there one Friday night for a traditional PuPu & it was very good - all the typical assortment of drinks you'd expect too. From Brighton you could take the Pike to 128 or go up Chestnut Hill Ave to Rt. 9 to VFW Pkwy - then on to Rt 1.

      Have fun!!!

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        OOOH thanks so much for reminding me of the Tahiti! Will make sure we visit the next time we're in Dedham, maybe make a night of it and go to the Community Theatre as well!

      2. Chef Chang's on Beacon Street in Brookline.


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        1. re: BJK

          Yes, in the Boston area, this is pu pu heaven.

          1. re: thegolferbitch

            Having fond memories of Chef Chiang's Pu Pu platter...I tried it again recently...Terrible. First off, no fried ribs, just pork strips...a dismal experience. Only positive experience was the egg rolls.

            I'd stick to the Peking Duck at Chef Chiangs.

        2. One word: KOWLOON.

          Located on Rte 1 northbound in Saugus...just outside of Boston.

          Expect to wait on the weekends. We roll in there with 15+ people on many occasions and we have a blast every single time.

          Good food, good drinks, good environment

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          1. re: holo1979

            I wholeheartedly agree. I was there for a bachelorette party and it was the best place for that. the staff were great and the food and drinks positively Proustian.

            1. re: JennyL

              Proustian? As in, one bite and all your old memories come flooding back? Or did you mean Rabelaisian? Gargantua and all that...

          2. Has anyone been to the Tiki place on Highland Avenue in Malden?

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              I have been to Tiki Island several times. It's not on Highland Ave in Malden. It's on Middlesex Ave in Medford. Middlesex Ave turns into Highland Ave at the Medford/Malden city line. Very good Chinese food and they also have a very good pu pu platter.

              1. re: buffet king

                I'll have to check it out to see if it satisfies my 80s chinese food nostalgia kick.

                1. re: tamerlanenj

                  Don't forget to rub the Buddha's belly for good luck when your at Tiki Island.

              2. re: tamerlanenj

                Tiki Island in Medford (Malden Line) and KOWLOON on Rt 1 in Saugus are really the pan-ultimate places to go for nostalgic Chinese-American / Polynesian cuisine. Both are decorated in absurdly over the top decore (the way that, sadly, Chinese people had to decorate to entice racist families from the 1950's to visit their "exotic" restaurant) and include all the classic items you would expect on the menu (Pu-Pu platter, orange beef, and a Suffering Bastard Cocktail to wash it all down ;). While most foodies would disagree, they actually cook Chinese-American cuisine with great execution (yes there is an art to making execellent chicken fingers and pork fried rice). Tiki Island is much smaller and more subdued while Kowloon almost feels like a Disney Land theme ride in size and appearance (it really is almost a parody of itself). Both will serve you well.

                1. re: InmanSQ Girl

                  Yup, I'd have to throw another vote in for Kowloon -- especially because not only will you fill your craving, but you won't feel sick afterwards (which is a power of the lesser pu pu, lol)

                  1. re: bee

                    I just do not understand how anyone can reccommend Kowloon for anything..
                    I understand its everyones own personal opinion, but the food at Kowloon is absolutely the worst Asian food Ive ever had.

                    Now I love old school chinese food, to me its like pizza even when its bad its still ok with me. Kowloon is repulsive, how its packed every night is beyond me. Greasy, flavorless, re warmed, ...bad news...but I guess to each his own.

                2. re: tamerlanenj

                  The Tiki place should be your go-to spot for Umbrella drinks, they've got all the old stand-bys (Mai Thai's, Navy Grog, Fog Cutters, Zombies). A couple of those and you'll be dancing on the bar. The food is just what you'd expect... greasy, grimy goodness.