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Dec 18, 2006 02:52 PM

Really good onion soup-St. Louis

Where can I go to find a really good onion soup? Lots of glocky cheese, melted and browned to perfection over nicely toasted bread. Lots of onions and a superb broth. Can't seem to find it here.

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  1. St. Louis Bread has pretty good onion soup flavor wise but
    not the real deal like you are looking for. I am going home to Western New York State for the holidays, that is something I always have to have.

    I look forward to a favorable response to your inquiry too.

    1. Try the onion soup at LaBonneBouchee on Olive just west of 270 in the Westgate Center. It's a small French bakery/restaurant.

      1. I really enjoyed the bowl I had at Cafe Provencal. An order of that with some frites would make a fantastic lunch.

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          IMHO the best French onion soup in STL is at Cardwells at the Plaza in Frontenac. I believe it is a "cold season" item so it should be on the menu. The soup is exactly how you describe it with lots of sauteed onion and melted cheese. Although dining at a shopping mall sounds suspect Cardwells at the Plaza is top notch. It is one of those unexpected surprises in STL.

        2. Even stranger than a good restaurant in a shopping mall, used to be good onion soup in a cafe actually inside a department store. Famous & Barr (then Dillard's? now Macy's??) used to serve cheesy rich wonderful onion soup in a big earthenware crock in their in-store cafes. I remember it particularly at the store on the east side of Clayton. Wow, it was special. I have no idea if there is anything like it now.

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            Nosh, you can still get that soup (I'm pretty sure!) at the Macy's (ne Famous Barr) downtown on Olive, at the in-store cafe called Papa Fabarre's. Great... now I am craving onion soup too! :)