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Dec 18, 2006 02:20 PM

olive oil

Where's the best place to get some great olive oil as gifts?

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  1. DiPalo's. Great selection of high end and regular everyday olive oil. Just ask the guy behind the counter for his recommendation. He has recommended some fantastic olive oil that I would have never thought of. They are on the corner of Grand and Mott. Expect to wait.

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      the best for olive oils, any cheeses and cold cuts. they also make their own marinara sause, which is out of this world. you would think you stood over a hot stove. they also have homemade baked ziti, eggplant parmagiana that is wonderful. They also have raviolis. Take a ride down there, well worth it.

    2. I buy most of my oils at Fairway; I get the store labeled bottles...if you don't want to give those as gifts, they have lots of choices. Last year I bought several bottles of Sicilian olio nuovo at DiPalo to give as gifts....not sure if they have this yet this year. If you go there, try to go early or right before closing to avoid the lines.

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        A bottle from Fairway would be a great gift for a gastronome from out of town, absolutely. But to anyone not in the know, it might look a little chintzy.

        That said, their own D.O.P. Gata Hurdes olive oil is just wonderful. Really excellent stuff.



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          I second the motion for Fairway Gata-Hurdes. It's the best tasting olive oil I have ever found at any price.

      2. One place that I've been meaning to post about for ages is Stonehouse Olive Oil. I bought their persian lime olive oil at the Ferry Market in SF, and completely fell in love with it. It's got a great flavor and aroma, and even a tiny bit transforms salads. They have opened a shop in Manhattan, on 10th St, just east of Moustache. It's perfect timing, because I'm almost out, and mail ordering already pricey stuff would've been expensive (but worth it).
        273 E 10th St (between 1st Ave & Ave A
        )(212) 358-8700

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        1. re: rose water

          I second this recommendation and am heading over there in a few minutes to restock.

          1. re: eca

            In case it helps to have a third vote for Stonehouse...

            You can taste all of their olive oils (and some vinegars, too!) before you decide on which one to buy. I have a stash of Organic Estate, which is just beautiful and fragrant! But according to the website, they are out of stock at the moment :(

            1. re: luvmangoes

              given that this thread has been resurrected, i will update this to say that alas, the stonehouse locations in nyc have closed. you can still mail order.

              1. re: rose water

                Good news: Stonehouse oils are still sold around the corner at a place called Provisions on Beekman.

                Provisions on Beekman
                150 Beekman St, New York, NY 10038

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            omg, I tried that a couple of yrs ago when I was at the Ferry Market. Amazing stuff, thanks for the note that they're here in NYC!

          3. For Italian olive oils, Buon Italia in Chelsea Market They have many different kinds, but I have a special relationship with an extra virgin olive oil that has the designation "affiorato" that is excellent and comes in a few sizes.

            I also ordered a sampler set from a small Calif producer a few years ago that was terrific. It was called Tehama Gold, from California. Here's the website but you need to call them about gifts, sampler sizes, etc.: They had an oil called "Mission Reserve" that was divine. I may do the same! Good luck.

            1. Zabar's has some excellent olive oils and I also like the ones at the Italian store in the chelsea market (though you'll have a smaller selection)