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Dec 18, 2006 02:11 PM

Service at L2

Visted my mom in Philly this weekend and we headed out for dinner at L2. Very happy with the food, and the atmosphere was exactly what we were looking for, but the service just hit a slightly off note with me. This might sound like a strange complaint, but the server was almost too friendly with us. If we were regulars, his behavior would have made sense, but he was really just overly familiar. Cracking jokes and teasing my mother and I about switching plates and eating too much and having too many cocktails. The previous time my mother was there (and the first time), unfamiliar with the large portion sizes, she ordered a appetizer to share, a salad and an entree, and the server jokingly called her a glutton. It was just slightly off...funny, but not really that funny. Sort of a 'trying too hard' note to the banter. Has anybody else noticed this, or were we being overly sensitive? Not a huge problem, and I would happily return, but it just seemed slightly off.

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  1. L2 is a great neighborhood restaurant and I would also characterize service as 'friendly'. Rare in Philly where most service seems to be more distant and matter-of-fact. We were just there on Saturday night and had a great time and great service. Although the 'glutton' comment definitely seemed a bit inappropriate.

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      If it hadn't been for the glutton comment, I think would have thought nothing of it. But I am curious if this is a repeat issue, or just one inappropriate comment making us a little over-sensitive. Like I said, I had a great time and would definately go back.

    2. I think there is a fine line between friendly and intrusive.
      I have been a waiter, among other things, and I love to joke with everybody, but you have to be aware of your client's mood, age, gender, etc, and be respectful of what their needs are. I love it when a server is polite and attentive to my dining requirements. That comes before stand-up comedy.
      I notice the comedy usually ends if there are questions about the food quality or cleanliness of the establishment ;>)