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Dec 18, 2006 01:57 PM

Teeny Sandwich Rolls?

I'm celebrating Chanukah for the first time this year and hosting my mother and sisters (along with my young kids) for a very casual, family supper and candle-lighting this Thursday. Along with latkes and salad, I was thinking I'd like to make little sandwiches of roast chicken, cranberry sauce, and goat cheese. I pictured them being on very small rolls--2 or 3 inches across?--and don't want to deal with making them myself. I live in Arlington and work in Cambridge. Any suggestions where I can get ahold of little rolls? Thanks!

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  1. Iggy's in Fresh Pond should have a number of different options to suit you, including this nifty creation I can only think of as a "pod loaf", a circle of perhaps 20 little rolls baked together.

    Iggy's supplies Whole Foods in the Boston area, but you're so close to their actual bakery that it's worth it to go straight to the source.

    Go at lunchtime and pickup some pretty good gourmet sandwiches or pizza.

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      Thanks, Finlero! Ashamed to admit--but where is Iggy's? I thought it was in Watertown.

      1. re: JemB

        Fawcett Street -- here's a link.

        The Whole Foods at Fresh Pond has great-looking brioche rolls (Iggy's) in 6 packs, about the size you describe. They told me that they have them every day but best to get there early in the day to be sure as they often sell out.

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          Don't be ashamed -- it's hiding in the industrial section of Fresh Pond, 130 Fawcett St.

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          Great name for it- I love that "pod loaf". I used to work with a caterer who served those. Iggy's is also sold at Wild Oats. I usually keep a bag of their little rolls in the freezer.

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            sounds like you're talking about parker house rolls?

            if you're in a pinch, Sister Schubert brand frozen Parker House rolls (get the "yeast" variety) are pretty yummy. I actually turn them into little sammiches myself sometimes at snack time.

            1. re: Aloo0628

              If finlero is thinking of the same ones I am, they aren't parker house rolls. It's sort of like a big monkey bread, with individual (sourdough?) rolls all stuck together in a tidy round shape.

              1. re: Chris VR

                Yes, those are they. I don't think they're that I think about it, they're likely made from the francese dough, but in convenient pod form.

                1. re: finlero

                  Interesting...well I don't know about these rolls of which you speak, but most Parker House rolls that I've seen also come in a "monkey bread" (good description!) sort of arrangment all stuck together in a tidy round shape.

                  An extra plug for these rolls...since they're made by folding an oval shaped piece of dough over on itself and then baking, they're really easy to stuff with sammich could probably get away without even cutting them in half.

                  Good luck with whichever rolls you choose; your idea sounds delicious! :)

          2. I had some really delicious small rolls from the Japonaise Bakery in Brookline this week. Here is the location and some opinions.


            1. Possibly a little bit sweet for what you are doing, but if not, I really like the challah rolls from Wilson's Farm in Lexington (not far from the western end of Arlington). They have the exact size you're asking about. I believe they get them from Diamond Bakery in Newton (right near the Whole Foods on Beacon St.) but I'm not positive.

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                Lots of fab suggestions, everyone! Thanks, all. I think I'll definitely check Iggy's out--maybe even go before work on Thursday. Thanks again!

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                1. Lots of fab suggestions, everyone! Thanks, all. I think I'll definitely check Iggy's out--maybe even go before work on Thursday. Thanks again!