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Dec 18, 2006 01:41 PM

SE Mich. pastry flour source?

OK southeastern Michigan, I need to find a good pastry flour for pie crusts. Can anyone suggest a source? Major groceries seem only to have the usual brands. West side/Ann Arbor preferred. Also, has anyone found a store which carries White Lily? While we're on the subject, has anyone used WL for pie crusts? The protein content seems about right.... Thanks.

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  1. Not west side, but how about Hiller's? I am not a baker, but I almost certain I've seen White Lily there. They also have a pretty good selection of Bob's Red Mill products (at end caps at both ends of the baking aisle), and Bob's web site shows they sell a pastry flour.

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      Hiller's! Thanks--I had forgotten all about them. Will check them out.

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        FYI, I was there today and saw bags of White Lily. In the Bob's display, they only had whole wheat pastry flour. However, they did have small bags of Arrowhead Mills organic pastry flour as well in the baking aisle.

    2. They're not very close to the west side, but the Achatz pie shops sell pastry flour under their own label; presumably it's what they use. Check for locations.

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        gooddog: As will most of us here, I'm more than willing to drive ridiculous distances for the right ingredients. Thanks for the tip.

      2. People's Food Coop in Ann Arbor sells organic pastry flour in their bulk section. I like it better than White Lily, which has always had a funny taste to me.

        If you need large amounts, you can also order through them for 20% over their wholesale cost.

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          Will give it a try. Love the co-op. Thanks.

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            I'm a huge fan of the co-op, too. Their flour selection is actually really amazing for a store of that size. It's great to be able to walk in and pick up just enough of a specialty flour that I need for a recipe I'm trying out.

        2. I have never had any problem making great pie crusts with unbleached King Arthur flour, which you can usually find at Meijer.

          1. I was getting a wonderful unbleached white pastry flour made by Achatz in Michigan at Polly's Country Market, Chelsea. It's no longer there :( I got an unbleached pastry flour from People's Coop downtown Ann Arbor. Did not like, it makes the crust more like whole wheat. Thanks for the tip. Will look for White Lily. Never heard of that brand.

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              If you're near an Achatz pie store, they might stock the pastry flour. I'm pretty sure I've seen it.