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Dec 18, 2006 01:28 PM

Food in the Ritz Bar (Back Bay) or other nice bars in Boston

My wife and I have occasionally enjoyed making a meal of a few shared appetizers and a few drinks in nice bars in hotels and restaurants. We're thinking of trying the Ritz Bar (Back Bay Ritz). Have you eaten there recently? What are the food offerings like?

Alternatively, anyone have any recommendations of other places where we might try this?


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  1. Time is running out to enjoy the (old) Ritz bar: the property was sold, and will become a Taj next year. The bar menu is pretty limited (the Cafe's is much broader, and not a bad deal for a luxury hotel), but the bar does a reliably excellent cheese plate.

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      I had an artichoke dip at the Ritz bar just recently, which was excellent. The Sidecar, however, was too sweet.

    2. Not sure about the Ritz but we have had food at the bar and enjoyed: Union Bar and Grill, Stella, Cafe Umbra (closing at the end of the year) Radius, Red Fez, etc. Have tried Blu which is in the sports club next to the Ritz and it was fine. Can't remember ever having a problem eating at the bar if the restaurant serves good food.

      1. I like the Bristol Lounge in the Four Seasons.

        1. We had a very nice lunch in the Oak Bar at the Fairmont the other day.