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Positano / Amalfi Coast

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So looking forward to spending my birthday early February in Positano although I am fully aware that a) the weather may be dire and b) most places will be closed... Doeas anyone know of good restaurants that will be open in Feb in this delightful Heaven on Earth? Thanks

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  1. This is difficult, because many places are seasonal. The few I'd recommend are closed that month. Try contacting your hotel for their recommendations...also try virtualtourist.com for "locals" thoughts.

    1. I honeymooned in Amalfi. So many nice memories! Including comfortably swimming in the sea in early November, though February is probably a different story.

      Not that you couldn't get this from a guidebook, but Don Alfonos 1890 (outside Sorento; http://www.donalfonso.com) is about 45 minutes away by car if you want to go very fancy. The best part (besides the food) was a seperate after dinner lounge area with hounds curled up on the rug.

      1. Is Armandino's in Priano open in Feb? We ate outside, but I do remember an inside restaurant.

        1. La Sireneuse in Positano. It is one of the loveliest hotels in the world and has an outstanding restaurant, as well. Overlooking the sea in one of the most picturesque settings, the decor is sublime and is the food. Enjoy

          1. Ask about a place called ZACHARIA'S in the town of Amalfi.
            Seafood - they JUST BRING - best I'VE ever had!
            Please report back if you go!

            1. 1. Mediterraneo

              We were just in Positano around Christmas time. Many restaurants are closed, but we had a couple of good meals at *Mediterraneo* in Positano. Since we didn't have transportation, they actually picked us up from our B&B just outside Positano and dropped us back off after dinner at no charge.

              2. La Tagliata

              We also had a wonderful antipasto lunch at *La Tagliata* in Montepertuso, a town w/i walking distance above Positano. I highly recommend hiking the 2000 steps from just outside Positano to Nocelle, a tiny cliff town. We hiked up to Nocelle and then walked the road back down to Montepertuso. Stopped for an awesome lunch overlooking the sea, and continued our walk back down into Positano. One of our most memorable days.

              3. Il Ritrovo

              *Il Ritrovo* was also recommended to us, but we didn't get a chance to go there.

              1. Don't go to Don Alfonso. My parents just went to Positano in late september. They were extremely disappointed by the restaurant. Its pretty much an overpriced tourist trap. We have traveled all over Italy and eaten at many wonderful restaurants, but according to them this just wasn't one of them!. While the food was good, it wasnt worth the money! They wouldn't go back!

                They did however stay at La SIrneuse and raved about the restaurant there!

                1. Hi, Abi,

                  I went to Positano last May/June - loved the seafood and the pasta!!!

                  Here is a review of all the restaurants that we ate at:

                  I don't know if they will be open, though. I would definitely give Donna Rosa and Il Ritrovo a call - since both are family-run, they might be open. I'm pretty sure that Le Sirenuse's La Sponda will be closed - a shame because the ambiance and food were excellent.

                  Have a blast - it's absolutely beautiful there!