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Dec 18, 2006 07:02 AM

Sanuki Udon in West L.A.?

Anyone have any info on the new sanuki udon place opening next to Santouka in the food court of Mitsuwa in West L.A.? I believe the name was Sanuki Sandou (and I'm sure it was not the very tasty Gardena-based Sanuki No Sato).
By the way, for those of you who don't know what I'm getting excited about, sanuki udon is one of the most popular types of udon noodles originating on the island of Shikoku. The noodles are a little thicker and stronger than the average udon, and sometimes they're served "kamatama" style with a raw egg, like a Japanese version of carbonara.

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  1. Wow... Udon... and raw egg... Sounds like heaven to me, we are itching to go to Santouka and now this... YAY!!! And it so close to us *DOUBLE YAY!!!*


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      It is a great dish... the soup is just hot enough to cook the egg just a bit - the whites start to curdle a bit, but the yolk only wams and thickens. If you have a little restraint, you'll hold off a bit just to make sure the yolk is warm enough, then mix it around with the ingredients on top. The result looks like a mess, but if what I poorly described to you still sounds good, then you will probably be going often. Your only dilemma is deciding between this or Santouka...

      And Dommy, please lay off the double espressos ;) You're the breath of fresh air to our board!

      1. re: bulavinaka

        LOL! The scary thing is, I don't drink coffee... This is all natural and yes, I have been told I could give Rachel Ray a run for her money... LOL!

        Anyway, so glad to hear it's open now! Going to have to take a trip down to try it out!

        YAY again!! :)


      2. re: Dommy

        Hey Dommie! I blew it on my description - thought it was the stuff I got when I was a kid... this udon w/ raw egg is a totally different animal. It's served cold with the dipping broth. You actually - I am assuming - break the egg and mix it with the yama imo in the dipping broth and dip the noodles into it. I went Saturday but for some reason they didn't have any raw eggs - only yama imo.

        1. re: bulavinaka

          The kamatama I had in Japan was warm, not cold. Still haven't gotten back to Mitsuwa to try their version...

          1. re: alexfood

            Maybe it was a, "lost in translation," thing, but the young lady behind the counter said it was cold. Warm would be my preference as well, especially with the weather being cool, but it might be cold, as the other noodle option was soba, which is normally served cold - even on ice in the summer - from my experience. If you get a try, let us know... I didn't see the point in having this with only the yama imo... but the menu is full of seemingly very good offerings...

            Wow - this Mar Vista food court is suddenly a go-to place... Sanuki and Santouka right next to each other... and it appears that there are more plans in store for new eateries... c'mon takoyaki and croquettes!

            1. re: bulavinaka

              YEAH!! Takoyaki would make consider moving back down the street... :)


      3. I had been taking a salt ramen break, so it wasn't until yesterday that I noticed the Sanuki in the Westside Mitsuwa. The menu is so huge and it's a little overwhelming for me. I'm sure it's all tasty, but does anyone have suggestions (for this place or No Sato in Torrance)? Help a Sanuki rookie out.

        1. Had it yesterday...

          Kakiage Udon with a side of something I had my eye on since i first saw the menu: Premium Kobe Beef Curry.

          Udon was solid. Nice texture and flavor in the noodles. Broth is pretty decent...But the kakiage was cooked perfectly. You can tell they use decent batter as well, very nice.

          THe curry on the other hand was superb. I highly recommend it

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          1. re: ronnie_gaucho

            I had the same thing - it was a combo that was hard to resist... the udon noodles were perfect and fat... I think I may have been expecting too much from the beef part of the curry though... but the curry itself tasted truly fresh of spices...

          2. I tried this place for lunch yesterday and it was delicious. I had the ebi temp udon, just really simple but completely well done. I can't' wait to go back.

            1. Lunch today, Kakiage Udon; friend had Tempura Udon; shared Beef Curry
              We both felt the Udon was pretty poor: WAY OVERCOOKED. Broth was nothing special.

              Agree that the Curry - Beef - Rice had good flavor.

              Had to get a Santouka (spicy miso) ramen to erase the memory. I'll head down to Gardena for good Udon from now on.

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              1. re: Ciao Bob

                By Gardena, are you referring to Kotohira? If so, they probably offer the best udon outside of Japan... My guess (and hope) is your experience was an anomoly... we were there Saturday and the noodles were spot-on... as you said, the broth - ok...