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Dec 18, 2006 05:17 AM

best "spike" for eggnog...

What kind of alcohol would you recommend to spice up some eggnog? There are so many brands, etc. so please be specific!

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  1. Rum or brandy is traditional, and while you shouldn't use anything vile the cheap brands are pretty much all good enough for 'nog - in fact, it's really a waste to pour in the expensive stuff. Christian Brothers brandy and Bacardi rum (the dark) are just fine.

    I will make one exception to the cheap-booze-only rule, though: my favorite flavoring is Jack Daniel's whiskey, but only as a special treat and only with a really fine eggnog. The supermarket stuff gets the Christian Brothers...

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      To whatever egg nog they sell in the local grocery, we add Cruzan dark rum + Maker's Mark bourbon + Hennessy cognac and top w/ freshly grated nutmeg.

    2. Interesting. I never knew anything other than Bourbon was used. And only top shelf.

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      1. re: Janet

        what would be considered a top shelf bourbon?

        1. re: banquisha

          Woodford Reserve is divine! Michter's is really good, too.

          Although for basic bourbon I really like Evan Williams. Its what a lot of bars serve as their "well" brand.

          1. re: MaspethMaven

            I like Woodford Reserve too, but if you're looking to spend even more on a bourbon, go with Blanton's. Mmmm...

            And after you add it to your 'nog, you've got most of a bottle left for sipping neat.

            1. re: scoobyhed

              The only thing Wood belongs in is a glass. Alone.

          2. re: banquisha

            Booker Noe, Knob Creek, Maker's Mark, Blanton's. Just to list a few.

        2. I couldn't drink the stuff until a friend introduced me to this version:
          12 eggs
          3 cups granulated sugar
          2 quarts whole milk
          1 pint gold rum
          1.5 cups brandy
          1 cup Jack Daniels
          1 pint whipping cream
          3 sticks cinnamon
          4 Tablespoons powdered sugar
          sprinkle nutmeg

          a. Use Jack Daniels or equivalent sour mash whiskey, because it gives a smoother taste than regular bourbon
          b. Stick to the 72 hour cure time because it mellows the mix
          c. Make the concoction in a large bowl and then transfer the mix to a one gallon glass jar with a screw-on lid because it must be well sealed to cure.

          1. Separate eggs and retain two egg whites for stiffening whipping cream
          2. Beat all yolks until light
          3. Add granulated sugar and beat mixture until thick
          4. Stir in rum, brandy, Jack Daniels and milk
          5. Drop in cinnamon sticks
          6. Chill in refrigerator for 72 hours, stirring once a day
          7. When ready to serve, mix cream, egg whites and powdered sugar and beat until a stiff texture is achieved
          8. Pour eggnog into glass, fold in whipped mixture from previous step and dust with nutmeg

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          1. re: serious

            I always use Jack Daniels and brandy, interesting idea to add rum too. I always use Jamaican rum as it has a stronger (barrel aged I believe) flavor than Puerto Rican. I don't separate my eggs and like the result better, instead of scooping out the foam on top to serve, plus it's easier to make! Also I like the idea of using milk, my eggnog uses heavy cream and half and half, about a quart of each, god knows how many calories are in there.

            1. re: serious

              what would be a good brady to use for this recipe? and what brand for the gold rum? i don't mind spending top shelf prices so suggest whatever you think is best :)

            2. My MIL uses brandy, but I find it a little too sweet. I prefer Maker's Mark.

              1. Try Spiced Rum,dear, it's the BOMB!!! Captain Morgan is the name brand, but if you're a little tight on funds try the Admiral Nelson- cheaper but close enough for anything mixed. -Shoshana