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Dec 18, 2006 05:08 AM

Decaffeinated Vietnamese Coffee, what type of coffee do I use for the slow drip coffee?

Hi, recently i went to a vietnamese restaurant and they had the Cafe Sua Da (Vietnamese Ice Coffee) on their menu and their was an option to get it Decaf. I tried it since I am 5 months pregnant...and fell on LOVE! hahaha! Now I can't stop thinking about it. I own a slow dripper but don't know what type of coffee I should buy to make this coffee. Does anyone know?

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  1. Cafe du monde is the brand I use. You can find it in your asian grocery store. Its in an orange can. They use sweetened condensed milk as their choice of cream. Nothing else cuts it.

    1. Yes, Cafe du Monde (available in decaf, if that's your preference), is *the* coffee for Vietnamese coffee. I'm told it's even exported from New Orleans to Vietnam.

      You'll also want to pick up a Vietnamese coffee maker - they're only about $5 or so.

      Both the coffee and the coffee maker can be bought on the web, if you don't live near an Asian market.

      1. Yep, it's good ol' CDM (Cafe du Monde), which is a coffee & chicory blend. So if you can't get it, you can substitute another coffee & chicory blend like Community's New Orleans Blend, Union, Mello Joy, or other coffee & chicory from Louisiana...and note that even caffeinated coffee/chicory is lower caffeine than regular coffee, b/c chicory doesn't have caffeine.

        In a pinch, you can blend your own decaf dark roast coffee with ground chicory. Good tea/coffee shops and shops selling dried herbs (health food stores, too) often have loose ground chicory.

        1. I agree that CDM makes very good iced coffee, but I don't know if Vietnamese places typically use coffee/chicory blends. At least it didn't taste of chicory in the places I've had it. I would just use my favorite decaf and if something seems missing it's probably chicory.

          Personally, even though I was raised in New Orleans I like to blend my own coffee and chicory. The coffee in the CDM and Community blends is second rate (rather bitter). They probably get much of it from Vietnam, which is the worlds biggest producer of low quality robusto beans. Kind of ironic if they are shipping coffee to New Orleans just to have it mixed it with chicory and shipped back to Vietnam.

          Whatever you use, just be sure to make it really strong. Use at least 3 times as much ground coffee as you would for a single cup of regular brew.

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            All of the (pre-storm) Pho Tau Bay locations in NOLA used coffee/chicory; Pho Dahn 7 inside the Hong Kong supermarket on Behrman Highway in Gretna uses CDM...and several vietnamese friends use CDM at home. Granted, maybe this is just a NOLA thing--coffee/chicory--but I've had cafe sua da made with coffee/chicory in several vietnamese restaurants in Houston, too.

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              Chicory is a major French crop. France introduced coffee with chicory to both Vietnam and New Orleans. That's what colonies are for. ;-)