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Dec 18, 2006 04:59 AM

Your Ideal Kitchen.... Appliances, Utensils, Cookware, Cutlery -- any price, up for all ideas!!

My bf and I both want a terrific kitchen, #1 priority! Only want to buy the best appliances, utensils, cookware, cutlery once to last decades. (Generous corporate housing allowance, so willing to spend whatever necessary for the best gourmet kitchen).

Have a large copper pan from France, some All-Clad, a DeLonghi mini convection oven, a reliable (old) Cuisinart, etc...

Wondering about ovens, stoves, countertops, cutlery, favorite gadgets, etc. Have the china picked out and have many unique serving dishes -- but eager to hear about anything else you'd include in your 'ideal kitchen'!!!

Many thanks!!!

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  1. Induction cooktop--I've cooked for 30 years on electric, gas, high performance gas (Viking, Thermadore, Wolf, DCS) and induction is by far the fastest and most sensitive cooktop I've ever used. I have a Diva Induction five element unit and it works well (it is quieter than others). The controls are not well designed (easy to activate and deactivate accidentally) and you can't use copper or aluminum (non magnetic) pans. I would design around an induction cooktop and double electric ovens.

    1. Hobart N-50 mixer
      Vintage Bridge Kitchenware or French Copper Studio Copper KA bowl
      Vita Mix Blender
      Robot Coupe R2 Food Processor
      Marble pastry table or counter
      36 by 36 inch butcher block table
      Vintage Cousances & Copco enameled cast iron cookware/bakeware
      Cast iron cookware
      Heavy french copper DeHillerin founded 1820 Paris, France
      All Clad stockpots
      Vintage Sabatier carbon knives
      Dexter Russell utensils & spatulas
      Vollrath stainless steel utensils, bowls, colanders, etc.
      Lincoln Wear Ever Professional Half Size Sheet Pan
      Lincoln cast aluminum extra large professional roasters
      Oxo good grips dry measuring cups & spoons
      Oxo salad spinner

      I may remember more later

      1. Lots and lots and lots of lights. Make it like an operating room.


        1. Hmm,

          I'd start with either a travertine stone or Ipe wood floor. Perhaps with some inlaid designs.

          I'd have solid Mahogany cabinets.

          Pot lights over the kitchen area and pendant lights over a breakfast bar.

          For appliances, I'd have two electric convention ovens. Six burner gas range with a built-in grill. Two sinks. I'd have to have a very large pantry. A 30 sq ft (at least) fridge.

          1. All Miele: dishwasher, gas cooktop (master chef model with high BTU burner), 2 convection ovens, warming drawer, built in coffee center
            Fisher Paykel: 2 drawer dishwasher (for overflow, small loads or special loads)
            Sub Zero: fridge/freezer plus 2 under counter refridgerated drawers
            A raised fireplace.
            A large skylight
            A plasma TV