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Dec 18, 2006 04:37 AM

yeah shanghainese?

i'm taking my parents to see a broadway show and would like to go to dinner later.

they live in westbury and go to flushings all the time to eat. can yeah shanghai compare to the flushing shanghainese restaurants??

is it clean? they are kind of picky on "clean"

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  1. The bathroom is not always spotless. I'm not familiar with Flushing Chinese restaurants that are better than Yeah, so I can't comment on that.

    1. Is it clean? It has a kitschy little bridge over a stream, etc. though the bathrooms aren't terribly nice. Is the food as good as Flushing? While I haven't had Flushing Shanghainese, odds are pretty low. It's better than Moon House, and about equal to Shanghai Cuisine. For food only word is that Shanghai Café on Mott is the best in town now, but I've been too saddened by the state of Manhattan Shanghainese to try it.

      Does it have to be Shanghainese?

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        my one visit to Shanghai cafe wasnt impressive but it was a couple of years ago.

        1. re: Spoony Bard

          shanghai cafe is aight, but it really just tastes like typical chinese food to me, not sure if they are "authentically" shanghainese, vs cantonese, etc. I find their dumplings and bun skins to be really thick and not very tasty, aka their dried or steamed dumplings, their pan-fried buns, and even their soup dumplings. but, it is sort of the best-looking and "cleanest" place, if there was a choice to be made in chinatown. with that said, I've found some of the similar dishes to be pretty good at moon house; its kind of a low-key place. and the fanciest lookin' place on the block is probably at the end of bayard, but I've never eaten at that place (the shanghainese restaurant right on the corner near columbus park).

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            My barometer for Shangahinese (besides xiao long bao aka soup buns which are almost their own category) is lion's head meatballs, and Moon House's came up far short. I'll admit it was a while ago, and takeout, but even a taxi ride can't remove the layers of flavor in the meat and complex sauce a good lion's head meatball possesses.

            Same goes for the place on Bayard you mention, Shanghai Cuisine. Most impressive of that meal was actually the free peanuts coated in sea moss. Nothing else stood out.

            Done well, Shanghainese isn't anything like Cantonese or whatever "typical" chinese we're familiar with, so that's not a good sign about Shanghai Café!

            1. re: Spoony Bard

              yeah, shanghai cafe was not impressive at all, and that corner place just looks fancy, I dunno. yeah shanghai has been good for me (been to a couple of banquets there, 10 people or so) but I got bored of it.

              1. re: Spoony Bard

                Shanghai Cafe makes a good dong po pork (described at link below) and their red-cooked whole fish is quite good too.


          2. I would like to know which Shanghainese restaurant in Flushing you are referring too.

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            1. re: designerboy01

              Me too. Please post about it in Outer Boroughs and provide a link in this thread.

            2. Shanghai Pavillion on the upper Eastside is authentic. You can even special order turtle if you want to get more exotic.

              My Shanghainese friends told me they consider Yeah Shanghai to be one of their favorite Shanghainese restaurants.