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Dec 18, 2006 03:34 AM

Foreign Cinema Report

Brunch at Foreign Cinema was started with a foul, sour, bitter orange juice, freshly squeezed. Luck of the draw before the Winter crop, maybe, but it shouldn't have made it to paying customers.

We swallowed our medicine; looked to mussels in coconut currey cilantro sauce. Small mussels - read inexpensive (to them) - excellent broth - after the mussels were gone, we soaked up the rest with bread, smackin' our lips.

Main courses: Pilsner Omelette, Fried Eggs deglazed with Balsamic Vinegar; Poached Eggs with Duck Breast. Grades: A, B; A- respectively. A bit too liberal with vinagar on the second and third selections, we all agreed.

To wit: $85 for three, not cheap by any measure, but very edible. Yet the whole place is in need of renovation - threadbare in places; pervasive funk in what may have been elegant years back.

Packed house by noon; the staff was stressed to provide good service, but we understand that. Friendly crew and responsive to requests when we could snag one.

I had to work my way behind the lines for a fresh cup of coffee - the guy manning Java machines was apologetic and wouldn't let me pour - instead he fetched an exceptionally large cup full of fresh brewed cafe served me at my table with a smile. Rather nice.

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  1. Thanks for the post. I've been to FC a few times, mostly on business functions when I worked nearby. I've always been underwhelmed. It's OK, but I never found a dish that I felt compelled to come back for. I wonder if there is a thread here ... it seems that restaurants that have a unique "angle" -- in the FC case, the movies -- don't seem to do as good a job on the restaurant part as they should. There are obvious examples of this ... note for example, the old Julius Castle, Cliff House, Bella Vista, Moss Beach Distillery, Sams Chowder House (all selling "views"), the Napa Wine Train (yecch), and even the "wine-destination" places like Bacar. Yes, I know lots of people like Bacar, but I've never forgiven them for taking the Ipswitch clams off the appetizer menu 5 years ago.