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Dec 18, 2006 03:05 AM

Cuban on Pico?

I see lots of posts on the board about Cuban food. I love Cuban food. Tonight out of the corner of my eye at high speed I spyed a neon sign, looked very new, touting "CUBAN FOOD" as I drove down Pico. North side of the street, near Roscoe's and thus near LaBrea. The place seemed new to me. I didn't catch the full name. Anyone know it and if it is any good?

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    1. Ate there. Service was pitiful. Food would have been OK if it wasn't served ice cold...

      1. Fellow hounder Rabo Encendido used to glow re. El Colmao, located further east on the south side of Pico.
        I must admit his posting took me there.
        The results were way less than underwhelming.


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        1. re: RicRios

          That makes me very sad because El Colmao used to be the only game in
          town when I was in law school in the 70's - Candy was the six feet tall (and wide) owner always in a dress presiding over the register.
          Their Galacian bean soup brought tears to my eyes and their sangria
          was so icey on hot days. You had to phone in advance to make sure
          they had lengua on the menu. Even in 1978 they had a guard in the parking lot which had been fenced and there was always a 'gentleman'
          at the exit offering his wares in broad daylight.

          1. re: ZoeZ

            Well, you 'll still find the fence, the guard and the gentlemen.

        2. I actually ate at Labodegutio De Pico with a bud last night and found it better than others on this thread - the service was fine, prompt and attentive, the place was packed with an electric crowd, the mojitos tasted authentic, and my dishes - the avocado salad and the mojito halibut with beans, rice, and plantains - were value for the money - well-prepared, homey, and delicious. Not to mention the generous, moist tres leche cake to finish it all off! I would go back again - try it, you might like it!

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            THAT'S THE PLACE! I too saw it out of the corner of my eye. There was a guy sitting out front (by himself?) and I remember saying "Oh, a new Cuban place to try!". I look forward to trying it out as al alternative to Versailles.

            1. re: The Candy Man

              I just called them (323/937-CUBA), they're NOT open for lunch; only dinner. Bummer.