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Dec 18, 2006 02:56 AM

Tipping the chef-owner at the chef's table in kitchen

I searched high and low and didn't see the answer to my dilemma. We are eating at the chef's kitchen table at Treadwell in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada on Dec. 24 evening. The chef is also the owner. We don't know him personally and have only eaten at his restaurant once before. We've never eaten at a chef's table in a kitchen before, and have no idea how to tip! Please advise. (Normally in most of Ontario, most people tip 15% which means we tip slightly more than our 14% taxes).

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  1. there is probably going to be a waiter/waitress assigned to your table that will be pouring your water, serving your drinks/wine and most of your courses, and clearing and setting after each course. the chef may personally bring a course or two to the table and give a description while checking in on you and gauging how many more courses you are able to handle. the chef will probably be too busy to serve you himself all night if he has a whole restaurant to cook for. so just like any other night, tip the server how you normally would and keep in mind that you may be his or her only table of the evening. it's not unusual to have the gratuity already included for chef's tables so you could call to find out what the situation is ahead of time.

    i did a chef's table in a kitchen once before with a group. it was $100 per person with an automatic $250 gratuity for the the server (we were his only table for the night). it was a perfect dinner for a special celebration. have fun!!!

    1. Incidentally, Food Tourist, how was the mea??