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Dec 18, 2006 02:49 AM

Why Super Long Pasta?

I am in my Local Trader Joes and I spy their latest addition to their pasta section, dried spaghetti about 2 ft long. The first thing that enters into my mind is, why?

Is this a marketing gimmick or is there some reason for having your pasta be as long as your arm?

Could anyone give some insight here?

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  1. someone told me that chinese culture believes that long noodles represents long life so it's traditional to have a noodle dish on your birthday. not sure if that's totally accurate, but i like the thought.

    i guess the same belief can be applied to spaghetti?

    1. why not long spaghetti?

      btw, I saw the same product last week and I was tempted to buy it but I bought the cute little corkscrews instead (the name of it starts with a "t")

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      1. re: bitsubeats

        Off the top of my head... I think long spaghetti is harder to deal with in terms of finding pots in which to cook them in. You would have to fire up the big 12-quart pot every time you wanted to make a quick pasta dish.

        Then there is the winding it around the fork, you could get carple tunnel from the winding... and then trying to fit the bundle it into your mouth. Don't wear white...

        1. re: czaplin

          As is I break the "normal" pasta in half when cooking.

          1. re: hummingbird

            Well, don't EVER do that for Chinese guests!!! It means you are trying to shorten their lives.

      2. 2FT Long spaghetti??? It might inspire some chinese-italian cooking in my home. We also eat an egg on our birthdays aside from the noodles mom made.

        1. Wild guess: once upon a time, length corresponded with the pastamaker's skill and was equated with quality. Now, machines can make 10 ft long pasta with no problems.

          1. My pragmatic side says, "because they can".

            My other guess, because long noodles give you the ability to create a large pile or mountain of noodles on a flat plate...think of how rope coils. Short noodles tend to slip and slide.