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Dec 18, 2006 02:41 AM

Suggestion for the best 3 meals while visting LA over the holidays, Tks!

Hi everyone,

I'm visiting LA for the holidays (grew up in SoCal but have been a NYer for most of my adult life), and wanted to get some suggestions for 3 great meals that represent the best of LA. Open to dinner or lunch, expensive or inexpensive... Really looking for a good combo of eating experiences that I can only find in LA. Would appreciate any thoughts, Thank you.


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  1. Where in LA will you be? How expensive? I can start this off:

    For an extra cheap lunch
    Taco's Baja Ensenada
    5385 Whittier Blvd., East L.A.; (323) 887-1980
    The best fish & shrimp tacos ever!

    1. PROVIDENCE (fri lunch)
      SPAGO "Chef's tasting menu"'
      Urasawa (dinner)

      1. Spago? It really is a good "LA" place..Lunch or Dinner. On Canon in Beverly Hills or of wilshire. Very Expensive, but worth it.

        Inn of The Seventh Ray on Topanga Canyon in Malibu. One of the Organic Health food originals, served with style and grace in a lovely setting in wacky Topanga Canyon. Don't let the organic label trick you into expecting the hippie granola crowd-this is high end stuff. I reccomend dinner or a weekend brunch. Not cheap, though.

        Dim sum at one of the better places in chinatown or the SG valley. Only for lunch, of course. Price ranges vary..many places with rolling carts and prices per item.

        Hit the ORiginal FArmer's Market on Fairfax and browse the food places. From sushi, to muffalettas, to doughnuts and much, much more. Variable prices. Pretty affordable.

        Visit the Getty and dine there.

        Get thyself to disneyland and find the corn dog cart.

        Go to the Original Bob's in Burbank.

        Wait for a table at the Appple Pan for a burger, fries and pie. I actually find the Apple pretty mediocre, but the banana cream is a dream!

        If you dare, wait in line for Pink's. The dogs aren't as worth it as the hype would have it. But people line up all the same.

        Drive into the valley and hit Brent's deli.

        so much more! Too bad you only have three meals!

        1. Where are you staying? L.A. is too huge -- and suggestions from East L.A. to the Valley might not be too practical.

          Off top of head (and again, it's hard to rec some places 'cause don't know where you're staying) --

          Grace (mid-town) -- pricey, very L.A.
          Have a really good Mexican meal -- do a search, depending on where you're staying
          Angelini Osteria -- best Italian in the city (mid-town)
          Sushi - do a search, much discussed
          Bob Big Boy (excellent idea, Diana), Apple Pan or Inn N Out
          Chinese dinner or dim sim in Monterey Park (again, search)
          Farmers Market
          If in SM -- Jiraffe (owner/chef recently on Top Chef if that means anything to you)
          Oh, and you probably need a meal in BH (as a native, I try to avoid BH -- News Room is really good and you'll see stars across the street at The Ivy).

          1. Kento- Good Luck !!!! You realize that you may win the lottery and pick 3 winners in your category but lose in satisfaction, though the posters so far offer some good choices.
            Like Silverlaker wrote: "LA is huge" and the # of only in LA restaurants is huge.
            Let us know about your picks, but no complaining.