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Dec 18, 2006 02:28 AM

Greenwich-Manero's Butchers Back in Business

2 of Manero's longtime butchers have opened a shop across the street from the Bruce Park Grill on Davis Ave. Just like the store that was attached to the old Manero's restaurant, they sell prime meats AND prepared foods. I hope they have THOSE onions...the crispy fried onions atop a tidbit wedge with gorgonzola.....MMMMMMMMMMM. CAN'T WAIT. Think we'll get a prime rib for x-mas eve....

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  1. How cool! Thanks for the update, LHorch. I'll have to pass this on to the cousin of a relative, who is married to one of the former butchers, unless this guy is one of the two butchers!

    Wonder if they'll make those out-of-this-world hamburger subs??

    Very smart of them.

    1. is there any place to sit and have a bite to eat? oh those memories of fat -laden meals!

      1. I was just in there ordering my 3 rib roast for Sunday....There is no place to sit. The are super friendly and have salads, gorg, garlic bread, jumbo shrimp, many cuts of beef/pork/chicken & sausage all in the showcase ready to go..In the 5 or 10 min I was there, 5 people came in to pick up steak sandwiches...I was salivating! Saving my appetite for Marianacci's this evening...that's another post!

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          Wow just hearing the name Manero's brings back amazing childhood memories - my first taste of gorgonzola! From the other posts, I'm assuming the restaurant is no longer in business?

        2. do you please have a name, address, phone number please..thx

          1. I believe it's called Greenwich Prime Meats and it is on Davis Ave.