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Greenwich-Manero's Butchers Back in Business

2 of Manero's longtime butchers have opened a shop across the street from the Bruce Park Grill on Davis Ave. Just like the store that was attached to the old Manero's restaurant, they sell prime meats AND prepared foods. I hope they have THOSE onions...the crispy fried onions atop a tidbit wedge with gorgonzola.....MMMMMMMMMMM. CAN'T WAIT. Think we'll get a prime rib for x-mas eve....

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  1. How cool! Thanks for the update, LHorch. I'll have to pass this on to the cousin of a relative, who is married to one of the former butchers, unless this guy is one of the two butchers!

    Wonder if they'll make those out-of-this-world hamburger subs??

    Very smart of them.

    1. is there any place to sit and have a bite to eat? oh those memories of fat -laden meals!

      1. I was just in there ordering my 3 rib roast for Sunday....There is no place to sit. The are super friendly and have salads, gorg, garlic bread, jumbo shrimp, many cuts of beef/pork/chicken & sausage all in the showcase ready to go..In the 5 or 10 min I was there, 5 people came in to pick up steak sandwiches...I was salivating! Saving my appetite for Marianacci's this evening...that's another post!

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          Wow just hearing the name Manero's brings back amazing childhood memories - my first taste of gorgonzola! From the other posts, I'm assuming the restaurant is no longer in business?

        2. do you please have a name, address, phone number please..thx

          1. I believe it's called Greenwich Prime Meats and it is on Davis Ave.

            1. I am so excited to hear this :) I cannot wait to go get a gorgonzola salad and garlic bread. Are those items available there?? The last time I ate at Manero's before it closed I'm not gonna lie I brought garlic bread home in my purse!!!

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                JenLove, in light of what 'hasn't' appeared in the area since Manero's closed, I wish their restaurant was still in business.

                Let us know if you go there and if you can still get their amazing hamburger wedges in addition to the salad and garlic bread. That would be cool to know.

              2. but they were out of steak sauce when i stopped in last week :-(

                1. It's sad to see the old Manero's torn down. It's just a bunch of dirt now. As far as their new location, it's a great little shop. Really nice marbled meats. While you're there, walk across the street and stop by the Bruce Park Tavern. They have the best little mini Pizzas. Both the bartender (Paul) and the owner (Scott) are a pleasure to sit and talk with. It's also one of the only places I know about with a regulation shuffleboard.

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                    went there on friday and picked up two loaves of garlic bread, cooked them up on the grill yesterday with some spiced rubbed filets....wow...crispy, buttery, garlicy...feel bad for those folks who have meetings this morning, i mean the people they talk too...

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                      Boy were we disappointed when we traveled from Buffalo,NY to NYC and then to our favorite steakhouse--Manero's. It's just a hole in the rocky ground now. Are there any plans to reopen a Maneo's type place with their menu? If not, I need recommendations for an inexpensive, but GOOD steakhouse in Westchester County,NY.

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                        Such an animal doesn't exist, sorry.

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                        We have gotten food from there twice. The ribeye steaks were very good, the fried onions were on par with the way they were at the restaurant, and the twice-baked potatoes were enjoyable if a bit salty. However, we got the garlic bread the first time and it didn't seem as garlicky as it used to be at Manero's. It was a bit disappointing.

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                        Small world. My boyfriend (and half of Greenwich) used to play softball with Mark Manero and we used to go to the Bruce Park Bar & Grill for pizza abd beer after the games. I learned early on to drink only bottled beer. They had a reputation for not keeping the keg lines clean. But good pizza.

                      4. Went to Greenwich Prime Meats last night...picked up filets, steak sauce, crisped onions, gorgonzola salad, & garlic bread. It was all SO good. If we can't have Manero's, then this is the perfect alternative. My father, who's in town visiting, was so happy as he grew up going to Manero's all the time (and of course passed that love on to me).
                        I will definitely be back!!

                        1. Mmmm...my mouth is watering remembering the many trips as a kid (and adult) to Maneros. That garlic bread, fried onions, and gorgonzola salad was worth the trip alone! I passed this link on to my parents and siblings and we are all overjoyed to see there is this establishment to pass on these delicious foods. Thanks everyone for the info.

                          1. THANK GOD the classic butchers are still around, I grew up going to Manero's with my family, one of my earliest memories was getting a hug from Nick Manero in his big Lilly Pulitzer-style toque. Not to mention those "sleeping beef" and the happ happ happy birthday song barbershop style. Even without all that ~ knowing that you can still get the best beef on earth to cook at home is very comforting..and don't get me started on the onions and garlic bread. Thanks for the post! We are getting our Manero's magnificent well rested beef for New Year's Eve dinner there tomorrow. Happy 2008!

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                              To Hear That "Manero's" Is Back In Business Is Fantastic News!

                              Does anyone out there remember how to make their salad? I think it was iceberg lettuce, white vinegar, black pepper, gorgonzola and mild olive oil...Great stuff! Great memories!

                              1. re: rdrhoda7

                                I'll say, rdrhoda7. I go back far enough to remember old man Manero manning the dining room. My father was almost a pro golfer and this was one of his favorite places. For the all-inclusive meal, of course, as well as for the pictures on the walls.

                                I wish the restaurant was back.

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                                  You can get the salad at the butcher shop! And the crispy onions, and the garlic bread....

                                  Its a beautiful thing.

                                  1. re: amanda3571

                                    I'll have to get there, amanda, and soon. I hope the food travels well, as it sounds like one dynamite takeout meal.

                                    1. re: dolores

                                      Greenwich Prime Meats is Manero's butcher shop. So you can get everything that Manero's would sell to go. Get stuff! All you have to do is cook your meat. Salad, onions, garlic bread, spinach, potatoes are just like Maneros. Give it a try.

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                                        Hi Dolores What ever happened to Manero's steak sauce? Is it available anywhere? Thank you.


                                        1. re: rdrhoda7

                                          rdrhoda7, I'm ashamed to say I haven't gone there yet.

                                          I see Peter Luger's steak all over the place, but Manero's didn't go the public route with theirs, it seems.