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Dec 18, 2006 02:07 AM

The Christmas Cannoli

I need some help and have done a search for past advice about finding the cannoli, but all I found was that LA wasn't the place to find them. I'm heading to a Christmas party on Tuesday and hoping to find some to bring along. I'm leaving from West LA and heading to the South Bay for the party, so anything that falls along that line would be preferred. I've heard possibly Bay Cities, but that's all I found. Any other help would be great appreciated.

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  1. Is Christmas cannoli different from regular cannoli? If not, Bay Cities definitely has it as does Bravo Pizzeria on Main St in Santa Monica.

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    1. re: hrhboo

      It's not different from regular cannoli. I get into the habit of getting them for Christmas, hence the title. Sorry for the confusion. How's Bravo Pizzeria's cannoli?

    2. Bay Cities does have cannoli - mini ones in a refrigerated case near the registers and bigger ones behind the 'bakery' register. They are, however, all prefilled and sort of limp.

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      1. re: igj

        Have you found any really good cannoli?

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          The cannoli at Pinocchio/Monte Carlo in Burbank are really really good (despite being prefilled) -- it's the only pastry they make themselves (the others are brought in from Eagle Rock Italian Bakery).

          There was a post -- maybe the one Burger Boy linked to? -- about a factory where you could get 40 cannoli and exactly the right amount of filling for some ridiculously low price.

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          I'm going to make the journey today. Thanks Burger Boy!

        2. Try Luigi & Oretega in Pasadena. The Cannoli were best thing we had. Theirs has small candied fruit in side the filling. Very festive & delicious

          1. Eagle Rock Italian Bakery