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Restaurants on the Go/Order It.ca - BEWARE!! [moved from Ontario board]

I placed an online order with orderit.ca (Restaurants on the Go) restaurant delivery service this evening, for the first time in a couple of years. The ordering was easy, check-out fine, and the food (from The Host Restaurant) came within the alotted time.

When I asked the driver for the Visa slip so that I could add a tip, he replied that a tip had already been charged, and he raced away in a big hurry.

Imagine my surprise when I looked at the bill and discovered that a tip in the amount of $11.50 had been added to my bill (this, on top of the $6.95 delivery charge), which totalled $108 before delivery, tax and tip. I normally tip about $4 to delivery people.

I called Restaurants on the Go, and was informed that this amount did appear on my invoice when ordering, and that I did have the option of changing it at that time. Forgive me for not checking this - aside from checking that my order was correct, verifying my address, submitting my Visa information, it did not dawn on me to check the "tip" space. Although, in retrospect, the total amount after taxes did seem high.

To add insult to injury, I was told by the operator when I called back that this "tip" is added only when orders are placed online, and that orders placed by phone are not charged a tip.

Has anyone else experienced this? I've left a message with the accountant at the delivery service, requesting a partial refund on the tip. We'll see if anything comes of it.

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  1. If you feel that the site did not adequately disclose the fact that the tip would be added automatically, you can dispute the total with the credit card company.

    I suggest you go back to the website and take screenshots of the order and invoice pages to document the lack of adequate disclosure.

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      Thanks for the suggestions, pgym.

    2. I am pleased to report that ROTG has credited my Visa account about one-half of the tip it had applied.

      Still...buyer beware!

      1. Why should anybody be tipped based on the price of the meal?

        1. That's very strange- I've used them lots for business situations, and never run across that. Although now that I think of it, we usually order over the phone.

          What I do find frustrating is that menus seem to change frequently and without warning, so after a lengthy round of sorting out everyone's order, I often have to hang up and take peoples' orders a second time to replace the no-longer-available items.

          I also find it takes a very long time for food to arrive- between that and the high prices, I'd rather get take-out. I'm glad to hear it worked for you.

          - Lea

          1. I order from Orderit.ca frequently and yes it automatically adds a tip, but you have the option to change it, or set it to nothing if you wish to do so.

            Bitching because you didn't confirm the details of your order seems a little odd to me. I for one pay close attention to my check-out page to ensure my order is correct and so forth when ordering from any website, but that's just me. *shrugs*

            1. I've had the same tipping experience with them and was not pleased either. Also I've been VERY unimpressed with the delivery time and the fact that the food is cold when it arrives. Definitely not worth either the price or the wait in my opinion!

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                Thanks, d. I was starting to feel like crawling under my kitchen counter before your post.

                You're just about the first person who's responded who hasn't blasted me for not wanting to tip a food delivery driver $11.50, and who hasn't called me an idiot for not scrutinizing the bill before ordering.

                Am I wrong to think that a $4 to $5 tip for a delivery person is sufficient?

                What do people out there tip drivers anyway?

                P.S. A glance at the paper menu for TOTG has a notation that tips are suggested for drivers. There is no mention whatsoever that a tip will be added to an online order.

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                  I agree with you, and furthermore I don't really get why a business where the whole operation is online delivery charges a separate delivery charge in the first place, that should be something the restaurant pays for using their service. As I said I've been very unimpressed with the whole thing.

              2. ddelicious, the restaurant DOES get charged as well, in addition to the $6.95 the ordering customer pays.

                My daughter is a student at McGill, and "A la Carte Express", the restaurant delivery service in Montreal, charges a mere $3.95 for delivery.

                Someone in Toronto with a few telephones and computers sure is taking us for a ride.

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                  Does your daughter like 'A la Carte Express'? I live in Montreal, but have never used the service. There's another company in Montreal similar to 'A la Carte Express' but can't remember their name(their selection of restaurants are different).

                2. Placed my first order from Orderit.ca as I was bored of the standard delivery fare and since I don't drive, ordering take-out is too much of a hassle for me. Anyway I ordered from 1055 Restaurant. Was actually quite intrigued by the Indian/Italian fushion restaurant idea. But I can do a write up on it in the proper topic. This topic is more on Orderit.ca

                  Being my first time ordering on Orderit.ca, I did not know of what to expect. The ordering was actually quite painless. It provided the details on the dishes I placed which was helpful. There was even additional information in which you could note your preferences for each specific order which I found very helpful. However whether or not your request is followed is another question. I had requested no green mango to be added to my Smoke Chicken Risotto but it showed up.

                  The food arrived within an hour which I felt was abit too long, however I discounted it on the fact that this was not your standard quick and fast delivery fare. I did ask the driver who gave some lame excuse saying she would had arrvied 15-20 mins earlier if she knew the area better, but I just shrugged it off. The food nice and warm but wasn't sure if it was due to the fact I had it kept warm in the microwave and oven for my friends to arrive.

                  It was only after ordering from Orderit.ca did I check out Chowhound for its review on the service and I realised I was charged $10.50 for tips. Guess this is ultimately my fault for not being detailed oriented. Would be more careful the next time.

                  All in all I would try the service again as I like having restaurant quality food at the comfort of my home. However I now know what to look out for and will definitely be aware of them.

                  Wil keep you guys and gals posted.

                  1. 1) Thanks for mentioning the site
                    2) Thanks for warning us about the somewhat visible (I checked the site) tip. The only reason it's visible is because it's in a drop-down box. Otherwise, if you are in a hurry and the kids and husband/wife are running around in circles chewing on pillows and shouting "I'm hungry! I'm hungry!", it's easy enough to miss. A nice site would give you a clearly defined new page or pop-up question about adding a tip to the bill when you went to submit your order.

                    1. When everything is working well, Orderit is great. Albeit they tuck the tip away in a secluded spot as you mentioned here.

                      I do have to say that when there are any issues with your order - ie, missing or incorrect items, late delivery etc - their customer service is appalling. I have used them often but, at this point, I have had many to many things go wrong with them and would be reticent to recommend them to anyone else.