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Dec 17, 2006 11:53 PM

Review/Question about Komi?

I went to Komi last night and it was amazing, incredibly inventive, really well done food and amazing wine pairings. That sommelier looked young, but did such a good job.

My one qustion is about the 72 hour capretto. Did anyone else have that? I found it to be way too rich, to the point of being overwhelming. I like gamey foods, I like rich foods. I don't consider myself timid in this area, but this was too much.

This is terrible too because literally, the rest of the meal was so far beyond my expectation and amazing. DC is lucky to have a place like this (and in the vast wasteland that is 17th street dining, no less).

Any thoughts?

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  1. We adored the tasting menu and wine pairing at Komi but like you, I didn't find the capretto particularly to my taste -- good, but not for me. My husband had, I believe, the venison with venison moussaka (it's a few weeks ago already) and it was outstanding.

    Three of the things we ate that night -- the mascarpone-stuffed date, the mini gyro, and the fresh donuts for dessert -- rank as three of the most delicious, evocative and memorable things I have ever put in my mouth. That meal was hands down the best we've ever had, topped Citronelle and CityZen without question.

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      I've made a ricotta stuffed date wrapped in bacon and both my boyfriend and I were totally blown away by the Komi mascarpone version. This was less sweet and more complex and amazing than anything I've tried. The gyro was fun and totally delicious. I also loved the house-brined olives. So fresh, so good. When they arrived, I though, eh, olives...boy, was I wrong.

    2. Ate at Komi on a recent Friday and also found the entire experience fantastic. did have both the capretto and the venison. I liked the capretto - didn't find it too rich or gamy, so this must obviously be a personal taste thing. I LOVED the venison. This place is a gem; I'd not been in quite a while (since the reduction in number of tables, etc etc) and it absolutely surpassed my already high expectations.